On Edge? Iron!


I love to iron. Yes, you heard me right. When my life feels a little jumbled and disordered, crumpled like an old sheet, I iron.

I’m not on edge too often. I have an easy life, mostly free from drama. When I get tense, it’s usually because I feel like I have a lot to do, so the usual methods of relaxation simply don’t work for me. If I try to “relax relax,” I fidget and worry, completely preoccupied with the things I should be doing.

So, I’ve figured out I need to “work relax,” I need to do something that counts as work but is mindless and repetitive and, yes, relaxing.

So, I iron. As I iron, my mind can wander freely. I can sort through all those things I think need to be done, and figure out a plan for accomplishing them. I can plan a blog post. I can gain perspective.

I don’t iron shirts or ruffles or anything fussy. I iron tablecloths and napkins and big expanses of linen. I take big messy messes and, with a few sweeps of my iron and squirts of my spray bottle, turn the messy messes into gleaming, crisp fields of smoothness.

Hey, you meditate your way. I’ll meditate mine. And I’ll wish that all problems were as easy to solve as wrinkled linens!

15 thoughts on “On Edge? Iron!

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  4. Just catching up on your blog after my travels and I can totally relate to this one. Knitting is my yoga, cooking helps me release crankiness and housekeeping to destress;0) Oh, well, you have been to the Netherlands…you might have heard about the national obsession with cleanliness! And mostly I do knitting, cooking and cleaning just because I like it, not much stress in my life either. Thanks for sharing your lovely posts. Johanna

    • Thanks, Johanna! I took a bike tour in the Netherlands so I traveled slowly and saw lots of daily life and, yes, lots of cleaning! Every time I look at my front steps, I feel a little guilty–no dirt on the stoops in Holland!

  5. You can come iron for me! LOL I do find the same work/relax folding clothes though..taking those baskets of clothes and making neat folded piles. I used to get disgruntled about being the one that got stuck folding everyone else’s clothes, but then I started praying while I folded..counting my blessings that I didn’t have to wash clothes in a creek or haul them to a laundrymat..also counting blessings that I have kids to fold clothes FOR. Now it is much more of zen time.. not poor biblical Martha “why me”! I feel it is doubly productive time…but I still don’t like to iron much!

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