Making Doilies Modern

The loving hands at home made LOTS of doilies and they are seriously under-appreciated these days. You can find them for very, very little money. I think they get passed over because, of all the vintage textiles, they seem the fussiest and most old fashioned. But, as this wonderful blog post from Maggie Overby Studios shows us, it IS possible to bring doilies into the 21st century! Aren’t you inspired? I know I am!

8 thoughts on “Making Doilies Modern

  1. Thank you for sharing this post. These ideas are so creative and fantastic. I especially like the idea of incorporating the doilies into clothing. I have some lovely doilies stuffed away in a chest, and this inspires me to think about doing something with them.

  2. Now that is an amazing tree! I have several doilies that my mother crocheted, and used around the living room. I use those here and there myself — they look sweet under something vintage or a plant!
    So glad you stopped by my blog for Blue Monday — I’ve let this past week get away with me for responding! Have a loving upcoming week!!

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