A Break from Chocolate

Blondie appleI’ve been making candy pretty much non-stop for the last four days and, as appealing as that might sound, it also means I have been eating a LOT of sweets and was pretty hopped up on sugar.

I needed a break. Something healthy to eat, maybe some protein and fruit. A few minutes to sit down before I went back to the kitchen.

Ah, just the thing. An apple, some crunchy peanut butter, a beautiful lake, a crisp day.

I’m feeling better already!

By the way, the apple is a “Blondie.” I’d never heard of it before I bought it last week at an orchard here in upstate New York. I found only a little information about it, which compared it to a Gala but yellow. It’s a very nice apple—a beautiful color, quite crispy, good juicy flavor. It’s a little sweeter than I would normally choose but not super-sweet like a Golden Delicious. If you see them, they’re worth a try! Since they’re early apples, you should probably refrigerate them.

12 thoughts on “A Break from Chocolate

  1. So funny! I JUST heard of a Blondee (I believe that’s the proper spelling, a little different than the normal spelling) this weekend while at an apple orchard here in Michigan! I tried a sample, and it was delicious!

    • That’s so awesome! Maybe it’ll be the next “in” apple and we can say we knew it when! I think you’re right about the name–my orchard got it wrong. BTW, I chose the apple because I have a cat named Blondie . . .

    • Thanks, Johanna! Peanut butter goes with everything as far as I’m concerned but apples especially. I like Honey Crisp, too, but really like trying these new apples I’ve never heard of. I just read about two more new ones–RubyFrost and SnapDragon–that I need to find!

    • They’re pretty new and I got the spelling wrong–I think it’s Blondee. I hope they’ll be showing up in stores but sometimes the only place to find interesting varieties is to go to an orchard.

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