Come Leaf Peeping With Me!

The High Peaks region of the Adirondacks in New York is already past peak foliage–it came early this year! The colors were great, and still are in lower elevation parts of the North Country. If you love fall but missed the best colors, come take a look. Many of the photos have captions, with a little info about the site.

52 thoughts on “Come Leaf Peeping With Me!

  1. So pretty! I love fall colors and the changing leaves. We are still waiting for the peak to hit in the DC area. Not sure what it will look like this year as it got chilly early, then went back to 90 degrees, and now is chilly again. I know our plants outside were really confused and started blooming again during the warm spike, so I’m sure the trees are confused too! 🙂

  2. Nature provided an amazing backdrop, but it takes an equally amazing eye and skill to capture what you have in these photos. Phenomenal pictures, Kerry!

      • Indeed, ‘it’s me! Was up and down the Northway twice today! Absolutely relished seeing what is probably the end of “peak” season for leaves. Butternut pons was incredible, complete with a layer of mystical morning fog. Sure wish I had been a passenger who could have taken photos en route!

  3. Ohoh, how beautiful the world is at your place. I have been there a couple of times and it still is so stunning! Here in South Ohio,leaves are just starting to turn and finally there is a delightful crisp coolness in the air. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos! ♥ Johanna

    • I’ve never spent time in Ohio but went to grad school next door in central Pennsylvania so I know you will get your turn at pretty foliage! I’m so pleased you like my photos–nature did the hard part!

  4. there’s nothing like the colors changing from summer to fall. i think it’s nature’s way of easing us into notice the colors aren’t nearly as vivid going from winter to spring.

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