The Place for Pie: Noon Mark Diner

IMG_2946Amid all the chores of autumn, cutting back the flowers, turning the compost, trying to fit the outdoor furniture into the garage, being sure it doesn’t block the snow blower, we always make time for foliage tours and exploring the Adirondacks.

In addition to the photos of the foliage I shared recently, I need to tell you about a pie or, I should say, THE pie.

In a tiny town, in the High Peaks region of the Adirondacks, in the noonday shadow of Noon Mark Mountain, sits a diner. It is named, as you guessed, the Noon Mark Diner.


mapThe Noon Mark Diner is a friendly, kind of goofy place, that caters to locals, to hikers and outdoors-folk, and to tourists.

IMG_2894The food is generally good and plentiful but the thing that sets the Noon Mark apart is the pie.

goodeatnoonmarkThey make dozens of kinds of pie and trying all of them is on my bucket list. Some people set a goal to climb all the Adirondack High Peaks; me, I’ll eat the pies.

IMG_2890The problem is, I never get past the same pie. We don’t go to the Noon Mark that often because it’s in Keene Valley and about an hour from home. So, when we do go I look for the blackberry cheese crumb pie. Yes, yes! Blackberries on a cream cheese base, with a crumb topping!

When we went last week, we had lunch before we had pie and ended up having to take the pie home with us. This is obviously a common request because they have dandy little pie-shaped to-go containers. And, even more diabolical, they have stacks of whole, entire pies to go!

IMG_2891We stuck with single slices because, as my husband says, if we took a whole pie home, “we’d just eat it.” But most of the people we watched come in and out of the diner snagged a whole pie before they left. They’ll probably just eat it . . .

The pie was, as always, delightful. Tart berries (real berries!), creamy cheese on a pastry crust, a super sweet crumb topping. We didn’t put ice cream or whipped cream or anything on it—it doesn’t need a thing.

I’ve been looking around and think this recipe for cranberry cream cheese crumb pie from comes close to what they make at the diner. I’ve never tried the recipe and probably won’t because going to the Noon Mark itself is a rare treat. (And, because, if I made the pie, I’d just eat it.)

But, if you love a good pie and want to elevate it to a whole nother level, as we say in the North Country, and if you can’t make it to the Noon Mark Diner in Keene Valley, NY, this recipe is worth a try.

Diners are famous for pies. Does your local diner have a pie like this? What kind of pie is special in your region?

24 thoughts on “The Place for Pie: Noon Mark Diner

  1. Great post! Seems like a fun place and I like those advertisements with the jolly animals. That pie looks amazing! Pie…yes please for breakfast, lunch and diner! I have celiac disease but that does not prevent me from enjoying pie! Making a pie is my favorite thing to do in the kitchen…apart from eating it;0)

    • Ugh–celiac disease–that must be SO hard! Although a good friend has it and he manages to make pretty much everything with some sort of substitute flour. Can you use rice flour for pie crust?

      • It is my second nature and I do not mind at all because I only have to watch what I eat to be healthy. A lot of people would change places with me right away. I am used to it and in the last few years, gluten free has become ‘fab-food’: shopping and going to restaurants has become so much easier. I general, people are willing and helpful and I never complain and check everything myself: this together work well;0) Now a days ‘Bob red mill all purpose gluten free flour’ is my best friend and I have a no fail recipe for pastry sweet and hearty: life is good!

  2. The Noon Mark Diner looks great. When I’m traveling I like to search out places like this. Diners often serve awesomeregional specialties–and they’re a wonderful place to get a sense of what the community is like.

  3. Looks delicious. But your post made me smile because all day I have been fiddling about trying to write a post on pie. Haven’t finished it yet, but pie has been very much on my mind. I love pies. There was also a delicious recipe in the paper today for a type of plum pie; I want to make that some time.

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