Evolution of a Sunset

I know the light changes in autumn; I can’t explain the whys and wherefores, but sunsets seem more glorious, too. The first of these photos was taken on October 10, 2013, at 5:28, and the last was taken at 6:40 the same evening. Other than slight cropping and straightening, so the horizon was actually horizontal, I didn’t edit them.

25 thoughts on “Evolution of a Sunset

  1. Interesting! I like this idea a lot. There’s definitely a “sweet spot” where it’s not too bright but not too dark. I think it’s the 4th image in the set, when you get that touch of pink.

  2. Wow these images are amazing. We get more of a sunrise than a sunset as we live beside a hill and the sun goes down over the hill sadly, but saying that I have some great sunrise photos taken from our front porch. Maybe I should post them sometime.

  3. An intensely beautiful series. I am surprised that your sunset is still so late in October. I have yet to take one successful sunset photo 😦 Not that we get a great many lovely sunsets. And, yes, it is interesting how the light changes ever so slightly at the change of seasons.

    • The sunset seems to be happening late because we do this thing here called “daylight savings time.” In two weeks that will end and what used to be 5:30 will magically be 4:30. Until May when we reverse things again. Confused yet? πŸ˜‰

      • Ah! I wondered about ‘daylight savings’. We operate daylight saving hours too but ours have already changed. Now that is confusing; everyone having different switch times.

    • You’re right, of course. The awful truth is that, it’s so relentlessly pretty here, we sometimes take it for granted! Then a sunset like that happens to wake us up again!

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