The Country Mouse Goes to Boston Town

Rackham_town_mouse_and_country_mouseMy husband and I are country mice. We’ve both lived in city settings but we currently have a quiet rural life that we love.

Except once in awhile, we crave a little more excitement, bright lights, a great museum, good food.

We spent the last few days in the city of Boston, in the state of Massachusetts, in the USA.

Boston is the perfect city for country mice. It’s a big city that feels small, it has tons of beauty, indoors and out, and there are buildings and monuments everywhere that feel familiar and comforting to all Americans, even if they’ve never been to Boston before.

I want to show you how beautiful Boston is in autumn by focusing on three highlights of the trip—a farmers’ market in Copley Square, a beloved team winning the big game, and our ramblings around the green spaces of the city. Whether you’re a country mouse or a town mouse, there’s something in Boston for you!

All Americans and maybe many folks in other countries, too, know that Boston has had a sad, sad year. The bombings that tore apart the Boston Marathon, and many people’s bodies and lives, continue to leave their marks on the city.

For months, Copley Square, in the heart of the Back Bay area and very near the site of the bomb attacks, was given over to an impromptu memorial to the victims of the bombs, where Bostonians and visitors to the city could add a tribute and share their sadness and determination to be “Boston Strong.”

IMG_2736 IMG_2734_2Now, the sad memorabilia has been moved to the city archives and Copley Square is back to hosting a weekly farmers’ market that brings a healthy, life-filled beauty to the city. And the country mice felt very much at home here! We have apples where we come from!

Boston has always been mad about their sports teams and, especially, their baseball Red Sox. The Red Sox had a magical year this year that culminated when they won baseball’s World Series on Wednesday night.

I know a lot of people don’t really get how a sports team can bring a city up off its knees but, trust me, Bostonians feel that their Red Sox did just that. The players made “B Strong” their motto and worked to give the city a happy distraction from the troubles but also worked tirelessly in charitable ways to ease the pain of the victims of the attacks.

So, their win in the championship was a storybook ending. It didn’t take away the pain or give back the lives lost, but it still mattered, a lot, to the city. A happy city is a beautiful city. And a happy city is very welcoming to country mice, as long as they cheer for the home team!

Boston is a city to walk in. It’s not huge and it has so many beautiful parks and green spaces that it invites a slow pace and appreciation. We saw pocket gardens in the Back Bay Fens and in the tiny spaces in front of the brownstones on Beacon Hill. The beautiful cemetery in the Boston Common creates a still spot for contemplation right next to one of the busiest commercial streets in the city.

The Public Gardens and Boston Common provide city dwellers with huge spaces to admire nature and just hang out and have fun. One of the prettiest areas is along the Charles River, which runs between Boston and Cambridge, into the Atlantic Ocean. Right next to traffic tearing down busy Storrow Drive, joggers jog, dogs frolic, crew teams row, little boats sail, and a busy city rests.

The country mice found this all very reassuring when they got a little overwhelmed by the rich food, flowing wine, and bright lights of the big city!

The country mice are home now, fat and happy, with fine memories of town. We’d recommend Boston to any of you who love a small big city, history, and beauty! Are you a town mouse or a country mouse?

21 thoughts on “The Country Mouse Goes to Boston Town

  1. Looks like you guys had a good time in Boston. Are you originally from there? I love the food photo’s. I basically like everything that has something to do with food 🙂 Oh, and I am a town mouse. I do like to curl up on the couch with a blanket and spend some hours like that with a good book. But I do like to know that excitement is just around the corner.

    • We had a great time! I’m originally a country mouse–grew up on a farm about a 5-hour drive from Boston. When I’m in Boston or New York, I sort of yearn to live in a big city but then I’m always really happy to get home!

  2. Thank you for the review: Boston is high on our list, also because of the American History. Beautiful photos and you are so lucky to have been to the games!!!!
    I am a country mouse married to a city mouse and together we are ever so happy in a pleasant suburb of Cincinnati;0)

    • A suburb is a perfect compromise! We can fly from our small town to Boston in one hour–that works great for us. I think you will love Boston–it is so steeped in history and so pretty. Their Museum of Fine Arts has a new wing, dedicated to American Art, and it is wonderful!

  3. These small-city mice, once stalwart country mice, can’t wait to take in all of the beautiful sites captured in your photos……with our favorite partners in crime!

  4. I enjoyed your visit to Boston; lovely photos. Belonging to the rugby mad nation of New Zealand, (home of the All Blacks), as I do, I can understand the passion Boston has for the Red Sox.

    • Yes, there are nutty sports fans everywhere! We had a great time, all the way around–thanks for sharing it!

      I didn’t try the Baldwins this time and it’s been years since I had one. According to (a good blog!), “Baldwin is juicy with a rich, even taste, balanced sweet and tart enlivened by acidity.” I did buy Stayman Winsesaps, which may be my favorite apple ever, and one I’d never had called Opalescent–good!

  5. Country mouse here – but now and then I do love what a city can offer. We were in Boston in April, a week after the marathon – the mood was very different from this week’s I am sure – but the sights and the food were still delicious. I agree with you, even though big, Boston feels like a small town, and the parks and architecture are so pretty. Didn’t know abotu the farmers market, maybe we will wait until fall to go next time, so we can enjoy that!

    • We were in Boston about a month after the marathon and the change was stunning this time! SO much happier! The farmer’s market is on Thursday, from 11-6–I’m not sure when it starts in the spring or ends in the fall. It was very interesting–maybe 25 different types of apples available, some I’d never heard of! In general, Boston is gorgeous in the fall!

      • Holy cow, 25 kinds of apples? That would just smell heavenly. 🙂

        Boston has always been a resilient place, and it really needed to embrace those Red Sox – glad they came through for them! And at Fenway! Now, hope the Celtics and Patriots keep up the spirit. Maybe beards all around?

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