Chocolate Vs. Blogging

lucy and chocolateDo you know this episode of the old American TV show “I Love Lucy”? Lucy and her pal, Ethel, get jobs in a candy shop and are soon overwhelmed by the workload. It’s a classic!

As you may recall, I make candy. I can totally identify with Lucy and Ethel right now! I am pretty fully occupied by the demands of the holiday candy season.

I love what I’m doing–I’m up to my knees in chocolate! A dream come true! But it may mean that my blog is updated less frequently and my posts are short.

Please understand that I am thinking of you and will be back with more thoughtful posts as soon as I can be!

18 thoughts on “Chocolate Vs. Blogging

  1. Absolutely LOVED this episode of “I Love Lucy”! Watched it so many times back in the day. How perfect for you, the chocolatier extraordinaire! I’d be more than happy to visit your kitchen and play the role of Lucy or Ethel. Yummm!

  2. Do not worry, dear friend, you make your delicious chocolates and make sure you have time for yourselves and we will wait patiently for your posts to enjoy. With big hugs from Ohio

  3. Just looking at that photo makes me laugh, remembering the episode. It’s amazing how after so many years it’s still so funny. I guess the best part of your making all that candy for your loved ones is that you get to taste it… Just for quality control, you know.

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