An Introvert Goes Public . . .

366_Alma_s_Boutique-1Later this week, I’ll do my first, ever, face-to-face selling of the candy I make. I’ll be at the St. Vincent’s Hospital’s Alma’s Boutique in White Plains, NY.

Preparing for this event is part of what has been keeping me too busy to blog, or to do much else for that matter. Because I’ve never done a show like this before, I have no idea how much I’m likely to sell so I’ve made a LOT of candy.

Preparing for an event like this has also reminded me what a perfect outlet Etsy is for introverts!

I had a dream last night about being on a motorbike that I couldn’t control. I wonder where that came from . . .

If you have any positive vibes to spare, send them my way!

peppermint bark-3

36 thoughts on “An Introvert Goes Public . . .

  1. Do not worry Kerry, people go those events to have a good time and do shoppings of all kind. What would a Christmas market be without your delectable candy??? I am sending all good vibes to White Plains, NY and wish in the mean time it was a little closer to Cincinnati, Oh! Go for it girl! hugs form Ohio

    • Thanks, Johanna–it makes me feel better just to read what you wrote! I think it’ll be fun once I get there but I hate not knowing what to expect. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

  2. How exciting! I hope you will post about your experience on your blog, because I’ve never done a market before…plus being an introvert myself I’d love to know how the face-to-face selling goes 🙂
    The best of luck with everything and I bet your candy will sell out – it looks so good!!

    p.s. “quark” is a type of low fat neutral cream cheese, but lighter. It’s a staple here 🙂

    • Oh, I probably will blog about it–I’m so obsessed! And I read some other blogs about holiday markets and they helped me plan so maybe I can give some insight, too. I think face-to-face selling will have its own rewards but I do tend to avoid it–good to know I’m not the only one!

    • I so hope you’re right! I’m actually planning to have a good time–just afraid I’ve forgotten something important that will throw everything into disarray!

  3. I feel the same way: Etsy’s perfect, I would be so scared to join a real life craftshow or a fair! Positive vibes are on their way, looking forward to read how it went.

    • I took my time figuring Etsy out–I could go fast, go slow, whatever. The thing I’m most nervous about with the show is not knowing the pace, how many people will turn up, which of my products they’ll really want, etc. Oh, well! Too late now to turn back! Thanks for the support!

  4. Your candy looks delicious, who could possibly resist? As a fellow introvert I know how intimidating that sort of event can be, but having done one myself a long, long time ago, I’m sure you’ll do just fine. Try to have fun and remember to make eye contact and smile. You’ll do great!

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