The Power of Positive Vibes . . . And a Great Sister!

Thanks to the good vibes you directed my way and to my amazing sister, the holiday boutique I participated in was truly fun!

It was a long day—we set up at 7:30 a.m., the doors opened at 10, and closed at 7:00 p.m.—but it went by pretty fast. Those of you who assured me that, of course, people would want to buy chocolate were right—we had lots of interest and lots of folks went away with chocolate for gifts, and for themselves.

For the display table, I used some of my stash of vintage linens—I grabbed everything red and white—so it looked festive and different than the other displays. I polished up some Revere bowls and dragged out the vintage aluminum platters and was set to go.

The most popular items didn’t come as a surprise to me—chocolate-covered caramels with fleur de sel have always been my best seller and peppermint bark just tastes like Christmas.

I was so glad to have my sister’s help—most of the vendors were there by themselves and had no on else to rely on. Just having the friendly support of someone who totally understands me made a huge difference!

My introverted tendencies didn’t get in the way. I’m not especially shy—I’m what a friend calls “an introvert with good social skills.” So the day went fine while I was there but I was glad to have a long-ish drive home the next day, alone, with no one who wanted me to talk to them! My people batteries are drained!

So, thank you to all of you who were so supportive and made such kind comments beforehand and thanks, again, to the sister who is my biggest supporter and best marketer! I feel so lucky to have you all on my side!

24 thoughts on “The Power of Positive Vibes . . . And a Great Sister!

  1. How marvelous your table looked. Seeing all of that wonderful candy wrapped and beautifully displayed makes me appreciate all of the work, time and effort you put into this sale. I’m glad those positive vibes reached you. Hope you can relax today!

    • Thanks, Susan–a lot of energy did go into it but it ended up being worth it because it all went smoothly. I have been relaxing and getting caught up on other orders, and my own life, since I got home!

  2. Your stand looks lovely. I’m glad it went well.
    I think I may be a bit like you, I’m grand when there are people to talk to but after an intense time, I need to have some alone time!

    • That’s exactly how I feel–I sort of resist situations where I know there will be lots of people but when I go, I enjoy them. But, afterward . . . oh, boy I want to be left alone for awhile!

  3. I love your red/white theme – it sets off the gorgeous chocolate display perfectly! Very happy to hear the day went well and you had your sister there working along side you!

    • We both like red and white! The day wasn’t nearly as daunting, when it actually arrived, as I worried it would be. If you could find a friend (or sister) to do a show with you, you should try it!

  4. Your stall looks lovely, sorry it’s taken me so long to check it out. I know from the stalls I have done recently, how hard it is to keep smiling and happy and chatty but not scare people off! I know what you mean about needing some ‘quiet time’ afterwards. Well done!

    • You’ve been busy! I only did one show–how many have you done? It was fun but I’m glad I don’t need to do them so, if I choose to once in awhile, it’s not too overwhelming!

      • I’ve done two shows, one was a one-dayer and brilliant. The second was a two-dayer and I just managed to cover the cost of the stall so a bit disappointing, but a lesson learned and I enjoyed talking with the other vendors too. I also learned how important it is to have a box with everything in that you need for an event so you don’t have to start looking for things every year!

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