Lifelong learning: Some free & inexpensive resources

Since I know many of you are curious, inquisitive, and open to learning wherever you can, I wanted to share this with you. David Yamada, a fellow college prof, has put together this great list of life-long learning opportunities. I have friends who’ve taken courses on Coursera, for one, and they loved them! Take a look and check out David’s blog, Musings of a Gen Joneser–good reading!

Musings of a Gen Joneser

I’m a lifelong learning junkie, and perhaps you are, too. The world of adult education is somewhat stratified right now: If you want to earn a degree, it will cost you money, maybe a lot of it. On the other hand, if your main objectives involve independent learning, intellectual growth, and personal enrichment, your free and low-cost options are virtually limitless!

Let’s start with your public library. A treasure trove awaits, in big cities and small towns alike. Most libraries are now heavily invested in multi-media, offering DVDs and e-books in addition to print materials.

Of course, don’t forget “old” (heh) online standbys such as YouTube and Wikipedia. There’s a staggering amount of good stuff on both.

Beyond the most obvious candidates, you’ll discover so much more. Here’s a sampling:

Open Culture is a rich portal to all sorts of lifelong learning options, including free courses, movies &…

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