Warmth, Any Way I Can Get It!

IMG_4393The weather outside, in upstate New York, is truly frightful. The temperature, right now, is 15 degrees Fahrenheit (that’s minus 9 Celsius) and that’s the warmest we will see for days. On Friday, the high is expected to be 0 F or minus 18 C. I can’t even bring myself to think about what the wind chills will be!

This is our driveway, AKA the rink. That’s ice and it’s not going to go away.

IMG_4431But I found a way to combat the cold! No, not hot toddies and buttered rum—it’s not noon yet and even I can’t hit the hard stuff this early!

I finally decided to get back to washing and ironing some of my beloved vintage linens—it’s been months since I focused on them and I haven’t listed new ones on Etsy in a very long time.

I figured ironing would help keep me warm. So I put on some music and reached for the items on the top of the pile.

And serendipity kicked in. The music was Jimmy Buffett and the linens at the top were napkins that scream PICNIC! Then I found a set of vintage nesting camp cups that completed the scene.

IMG_4397So, I’ve been having a lovely little beachy interlude. The steam’s rising off the iron, Jimmy is singing about Margaritaville, and these linens, with their fresh colors and stripes, help me believe that it’s possible to be warm in spirit, even as Mother Nature pitches us into the deep freeze. And to believe that the weather will warm up, eventually.

This should hold me over until it’s a legitimate time for a hot adult beverage! Maybe I’ll put it in one of those nesting cups, sit in front of the fireplace and pretend it’s a campfire at the beach!

If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, I hope you’re staying warm!


26 thoughts on “Warmth, Any Way I Can Get It!

  1. I love that last picture with the fire and Lake Champlain!

    I have a driveway that gets very little sun and when it gets icy it stays that way until a thaw comes…right now I’m ice free but it sounds like that could change by the end of the week.

    So stay inside, keep warm and break out the adult beverages.

    • I’m inside, I’m warm and I have an adult beverage, as you directed! LOL. Is CT going to get this really cold weather? And the Nor’easter they say is coming on Friday? Yikes.

  2. Here in Maine, it looks a lot like your picture – but with a touch of snow. Or a foot or two on top of the ice. I never prayed so hard for January to get here – presuming, of course, it brings along the fabled thaw! I like your method of keeping warm, and the linens look absolutely yummy. I might have to stroll over to see what is for sale. 🙂

      • I know! When will this stop? And don’t say May…. 🙂 I think we might skate on this next storm, they moved its track a wee bit south, so we will get steady snow but not feet. But, if it moves a teeny bit northward, we will get hit. It is keeping the forecasters in a frenzy. the rest of us just want to pull the covers over our heads.

    • Oh, jeez–I just knew it was going to be worse there than here. It was sunny here, at least, today and really quite lovely! I hope the new year finds you warm and happy!

  3. What a lovely way to warm up! I too love linens and I actually really like ironing as well. Btw, I stopped by your etsy store, Oh My! after drooling over the chocolates, I bookmarked some linens. When I collect checks from clients shortly, I’ll be treating myself to a couple pieces!

    • Sounds like we’re kindred spirits! With ironing, for me, it’s all about creating order out of disorder. There aren’t many problems in the world that can be solved as easily as a pile of mussed linens! Thanks for your kind words about my shop–it’s been a lot of fun.

  4. Eek! I can’t take cold anymore! We have lived in TN for 25 years now (from SD) and if I have to scrape my windshield, I’m bummed! I have turned into a total weenie! (Mom said it was 19 below zero the other day..akkk!) My fav adult beverage for cold is cocoa with a smidge of peppermint schnapps..yum!

    • I’ve lived in upstate New York most of my life and this year is just so COLD–worse than usual. And I know people in the Midwest have it even worse–it’s crazy! But, you’re right–cocoa with schnapps might just be the answer (to almost any question!)

  5. The old linens are beautiful–and they look like they are in really good condition. I have a few old linens, but most of them have stains, are yellowed, or have something else wrong with them.

    • Okay, here’s what you do for the stains: get some Biz laundry powder (I found it at Target) and some Cascade dish powder. Put maybe a half cup (or more–it’s not an exact science) of each in your washer and fill the washer with really hot water. Add your stained linens, let it agitate for a bit and then turn it off, leave the lid down to hold the heat, and let it sit. I let it sit overnight sometimes. Then run the wash and, when it’s done, go through the rinse cycle again. I think you’ll see a dramatic difference. If there are still stains, you can go through the process again and may see even more progress. I wouldn’t try this on really delicate items but, if the linens are otherwise pretty much unusable, you have nothing to lose. I have had amazing results with this approach! Let me know if it works for you!

  6. I’m not a winter person, so the temperatures you mention frighten me!!
    We’ve had sleet for days now and that’s not pleasant either. I love vintage linens! They have such a luxurious feel to them 🙂 Stay warm, Kerry 🙂 Wishing you a wonderful and fulfilling new year 2014!

    • Many, many people in the US have temps much colder than we do here–I can’t even imagine! Thanks for the wishes for the new year–I can’t believe 2013 is over! XO

  7. Brrr Kerry, hot adult beverages are needed indeed! Love the linens and the photos you made of them.
    Another thing: Kerry, I attended a lecture on ID theft the other day and your car clearly shows it number plate. Apparently that is not a good idea, the advise was when putting photos on the internet to always scramble number plates and house numbers etc. I thought I’d better share that since I want no harm to come to my friend from NY (or anybody else;0))
    Happy New Year with a big hug!

    • That’s such a good point, Johanna, and one that never would’ve occurred to me without your advice! Thanks so much for keeping an eye on me–I think I fixed it! XOXO I hope you’ll be posting again soon!

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  9. It was 7 degrees in Memphis last night, so even your Southern friends are getting a taste of the Great White North. Stay warm! 🙂

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