Going Too Far?

doctors-callI celebrate the human touch, the loving hands at home.

But I was reading some childhood memories my maternal grandmother typed up a number of years ago. She was born in 1905 and lived on a farm in Saranac, New York.

She wrote:

My tonsillectomy was on the dining room table. Mother administered the ether; the country doctor was the surgeon. Fee $5.00

That’s taking “hands at home” too far even for my taste!

24 thoughts on “Going Too Far?

  1. Wow I prefer my Grandpa’s remedy of whiskey, hot water & sugar for all ills that ranged from tooth ache right through to pneumonia 🙂

      • Grandpa would only ever touch “the drink” in a medical crisis, I never saw him with a drink in his hand until his 60th wedding anniversary, his comments on champagne were uncomplimentary to say the least, yet he must have had the need for “medical” assistance now and again or the remedy wouldn’t a family tradition

  2. Roald Dahl’s book ‘Boy’ describes the operation on his broken nose when he was a small boy, right on the dining table. I always wondered whether that was true or not…now I know;0) But on second thought, it might have cleaner at home than at a hospital with all those sick people together and sterilization still not a common practice! That is a part of history one does not get nostalgic about;0)

  3. I used to listen to the stories my Grandmother told me of how life was back then. Her first several children were delivered by her husband. They came too fast for the Doctor to deliver them. My second child was born at home (by choice). May I never need the use of a hospital. I’ll take my surgery at home please.

  4. Wow, it seems so extreme but I agree with the other comments that it was probably cleaner at home than the hospital.

  5. my mother was a country nurse in northern Canada. when there wasn’t family available I was taken along on emergency house calls. good thing I was too young to really understand what was going on, and I became a nurse,too!

    • Yes! My favorite part of my grandmother’s story is that her own mother acted as anesthesiologist! Can you imagine having to administer ether to your own child?!

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