A Florida State of Mind: IBMTD #4

I’m a Yankee. I love winter. Really, I do. No, really.

But, sometimes, a person needs a break from the cold and the gray and the usual.

So, for a while now, I’ve been meaning to (IBMTD) take that break and, with my husband, avail myself of the kindness of two sets of friends who spend winter on the Gulf Coast of Florida. “Come,” they said! “Stay!” Such very good friends . . .

We’re so glad we took the time and went! It was a marvelous trip and, in hopes that these photos will allow you to experience vicariously some of warmth and beauty of this amazing place, I share them here.

We loved the exotic, purely Florida, colors and places. (No Disney for us–sorry!)

We loved the variety of animals that one simply does not see in upstate New York.

And, oh my, we loved the dolphins.

The week went quickly (even with the extra day that we got as a result of a flight cancellation!) We’re back in the snowy and cold Northeast now, pondering winter festivals and snowshoes.

But I also have a mother who lives in Florida! And she says, “Come! Stay!” So, we’ll be heading back one more time, for a little antidote to the rest of winter. What lucky folks we are!

49 thoughts on “A Florida State of Mind: IBMTD #4

  1. i grew up in naples way back when it was a small little town. it has changed quite a bit since then; but i have such fond memories of boating through the canals – parting a sea of pink flamingos as we passed through the backwaters on our way to the gulf. my mom used to snorkle for tropical fish which she kept in a beautiful tank. thanks for the memories!

    • It’s funny–I never think of anyone growing up in Florida! To me, it’s a place to get away from it all for awhile but some people call it home. It sounds like you had wonderful times there!

    • I’m feeling very good about my IBMTD list–amazing how making a public commitment helps! Those dolphins made me so happy! They were just hamming it up for the boat–such a fun experience!

  2. You obviously had a GREAT time!! 🙂
    I haven’t been to Florida for a couple of years now, I use to be there regularly and your fine images bring back lots of happy memories. Thank you.
    Love, Dina

    • I’d love to see the photos you would take in Florida, with your eye and talent! Florida is such fun and so different from other places in the US. Actually, that’s one of the great things about a country this big–so many different climates and cultures and people and it’s all “home.”

      • You’re right. So many different climates and cultures! What I appreciate most, is arriving in Miami during the european wintertime and then get out in the sunshine, to feel the gentle breeze on the skin, warm and inviting … sigh ….

    • Florida has a lot to offer! The weather is great, of course, but all the beaches and animals and the relaxed lifestyle make it special. Sorry I haven’t commented on your great blog lately–I’ll be back!

    • I love the dolphin shots too. I was so obsessed with getting the pictures I had to remind myself to just stop taking photos and enjoy the moment. They are fabulous creatures.

  3. Those dolphins are having as much fun as you are! I had a little smile to realise that you can still buy a bushel of oranges. I don’t believe that measurement is used here anymore. Could be wrong, though.

  4. WAAAAH! I wanna go to Florida!

    it’s snowing here. A foot, they say. Then three days of no snow. Then more snow. Measured in feet, not inches.

    two more months of this – OMG!

  5. Beautiful! I enjoyed seeing your photos today. It looks like you had a great trip. My husband and I are also escaping the cold for a little bit this month, and we can’t wait.

  6. Oh my gosh, these photos are amazing, I’d love to go to Florida! It looks a lot warmer than where I am now… You’re lucky to get so close to those dolphins, they’re such pretty animals 🙂

  7. Hi Kerry,
    of course I LOVE all the animals featured here! Wonderful captures of the dolphins and the flamingo (at least, that’s what I think it is). I grew up in Asia, and I still haven’t got used to the cold in Germany, although I’m sure it is not as cold as where you live. I wouldn’t mind moving to Florida, I think I would feel right at home there 🙂

  8. Deep in my winter blahs, your photographs of dolphins arrived on one of those spy pirate lines from your ship to mine. They are fun, they deliver the sea and happy movement and I don’t have to work a bit to feel a smile coming on. Master congrats on doing these things that bring you fun and fellowship. Love hearing about your adventures and hoping to be inspired into one of my own.

    • I owe a lot to you and other readers for my adventures–knowing that you all are paying attention has made me much more aware of following through on these things! I’m glad the dolphins made you smile–they gave me a huge lift, too!

    • Florida isn’t perfect–it’s overwhelmed with people and traffic and can be very commercial. BUT, it also has these perfect possibilities, with water and sun and exotic creatures. We were lucky to be visiting friends who knew where to look for the good stuff!

  9. That’s the way to work around winter, balance it out between the north and the south. Lovely pictures, nature! Looks like the perfect break and glad to hear you will go back one more time before this winter lets up.

    • We have always gone south just once a winter. It’s amazing what a lift it is to have had two trips planned this year! And the happiness of taking the photos of those dolphins has lasted me a long time!

  10. Great Picture! i like the snow and missed it when we lived in Texas, but I’d prefer one storm that comes and goes rather than every couple of days more come! Today is to be near 60 in the DC area and the sun is shinning, but cold returns next week.

    • We’ve had a big warm-up, too, for a few days, but are headed back into the teens tomorrow. No snow really in the forecast, though–that’s okay with me at this point!

  11. What a nice, sunny pick-me-up you had! Thanks for bringing us evidence of warmth, not to mention those playful dolphins. With luck, you got a Vitamin D boost from all the sun.

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