Winter Woes? No, Wonders!

mountainsOkay, all you winter haters, I hear you!

You’re over it. You’re sick of snow and ice and drenching rains. And shovels and snow blowers. And big itchy sweaters and clodhopper boots.

Yes, yes. You’re dreaming of crocuses and daffodils and wearing sandals. Even watching the Olympics is failing to stir your enthusiasm for ice and snow.

You’re done with winter but it’s probably not done with you. Not quite yet . . .

So, I want to remind you that winter can be lovely and fun and embraceable.

Winter is not really a dead time. Signs of life abound, large and small, actual and implied.

Winter is the only time for enjoying some unbeatable activities.

Winter whispers its loveliness.

 Winter offers promises of what’s coming next . . .


48 thoughts on “Winter Woes? No, Wonders!

    • That guy was really moving! I was hunkered down in the living room, in the middle of blizzard condition, and I caught him out of the corner of my eye! Not my idea of fun . . . but I was fascinated to watch!

  1. Gorgeous photos! I especially love the sunset and the patterns in the snow! I do appreciate the lovely winterscapes – looking from the inside out, of course 🙂

  2. Wonderful photos, I especially like the snow drift – it reminds me of my time in the desert! I don’t miss living in a heavy winter country but I do like to see it snow when I visit my parents in the UK in winter (if we don’t have to go anywhere of course). Having said that, UK winters are paltry compared to yours!

    • The snow drifts are my favorites, too. They don’t seem to happen every year, where they get sculpted like that. The UK is having a rough winter this year–all that rain! 😦

      • I know, it’s terrible. And do you know what? Singapore, which normally has some rainfall every one or two days (I’m talking downpours) has been dry for about 4 weeks now, everything is drying up and dying! Am going to blog about it soon hopefully… You are lucky to see the sculpted snow then if it is quite rare! Do you ever jump into them or are you afraid to spoil the look?

  3. I have to admit I can be a winter hater at this time of year! This past week, though, it’s been a little bit sunnier and a little bit warmer, and it’s alllmost past the stage where I arrive at work in the dark and leave in the dark, so that will keep me content for now. This time of year is exciting, I can feel spring approaching! There are some really beautiful photos here, I love the one of the sunset / sunrise xx

  4. In recent days, we are seeing lots of deer tracks in our yard. As the winter progresses, the juniper bushes in our yard are looking more and more enticing to them.

    • We live out on a point of land and, while I see deer all the time on the road out to the main road, they never seem to come into our yard. Maybe because we don’t have those tasty junipers!

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