A Tangled Web I’ll Weave: IBMTD #6

loomI just realized it’s been two weeks since I’ve written about something I’ve been meaning to do! I’ve been meaning to write about what IBMTD—really, I have!

I wouldn’t want you to think I’m a slacker so I will give you the most recent news, although there will be more to come.

I, with my husband, signed up for a beginners’ weaving workshop offered by our local Arts Council.

The classes start a week from today and will lead us, we hope, to finally making sense of the biggest, dumbest impulse purchase we may have ever made.

We’ve been meaning to learn to weave because last year, at a garage sale, we bought a humongous floor loom. We bought it even though it’s a) humongous, b) we have no place in the house for it, and c) we have no idea how to use it! But we got a great deal on it!

It has been sitting in our garage, mocking us in a slightly sinister way, ever since.

But that’s all going to change. Pretty soon I’ll be throwing around words like warp and weft and heddles. And stalking blogs about weaving, trying to figure out what I’m doing.

God knows, I need a new hobby. To fill up my free time.

Do you know how to weave? Any basic words of wisdom for us?

26 thoughts on “A Tangled Web I’ll Weave: IBMTD #6

  1. I know absolutely nothing about weaving other than I love and appreciate old Persian rugs so I can’t help….sorry. ” Kerry ” and “slacker” just don’t compute! I know you and hubby will put that gorgeous loom to good use!

    • You know exactly as much about weaving as we do then! But we’re starting on smaller looms, to learn the basics, so maybe someday we’ll be able to use this behemoth in the garage!

  2. i want to macrame myself a simple wall hanging and can’t even commit to that, much less trying to weave. but i can’t wait to see what gorgeous thing you come up with!

  3. I laughed when I read that the loom was humongous. Actually it is not that big compared to some looms. Two of mine are really humongous and take up a lot of studio space. Actually I have 7 and 1/2 looms. The 1\2 is part of an antique loom. From your picture it looks like you have found a very nice first loom to learn on.
    The only advice I have is be patient, have fun and stay simple. Until you become an accomplished weaver it is ok to experiment with plain weave and color. Dish towels are always great for sampling. Nice that you and your husband are learning together!

    • I guess it’s only humongous relative to the space that contains it! Your advice sounds very sensible and I appreciate your support. I’m actually thinking it may end up being more my husband’s thing than mine but who knows! I’ll look to you for inspiration!

  4. Oh how fantastic!! I don’t know how to weave but I love this post! In Nanjing (China) I visited the brocade factory where men worked the looms – it was fascinating. I’ll see if I can find a video.

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