A Look Back . . .


Here’s looking at you, kid!

I’m taking a brief break from blogging. A week-long respite from writing. An Internet interlude, if you will.

My plan, if I can manage it, is to take the blog into re-runs and to revisit a few of my favorite early posts.

Because I had no readers and no followers last summer when I started all this, some of these poor posts never got read! And that made them sad, so I’m giving them a second chance.

I’ll be back with new content soon! Have a great week!

16 thoughts on “A Look Back . . .

  1. I will have to take a break later next week some time as I won’t be able to blog whilst I have visitors. It will be good to read your re-runs because they won’t be re-runs for me.

  2. People may not always make a comment but I think we reach more people than we think with our blogs. Have a nice break and will look forward to a revisit of old posts!

  3. I have several recipes on my blog that have never been searched for and others that are searched and accsesed every single day. I always wonder how to make them visible. Not yet known how…

    • Could it be your tags? I’ve learned quite a bit about tagging but have never really gone back and re-considered my early posts in that way. Maybe you should re-blog your favorites!

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