The Maker’s Marks: Battered Hands at Home

My week of re-runs–do you have scars on your “loving hands at home”?

Love Those "Hands at Home"

The-Three-Spinning-Fairies-35 Has your art or craft left its mark on you? Do you have calluses or scars that speak to the work your hands do?

I remember a fairy tale that fascinated me as a child. It was from the Grimm’s Fairy Tales and was called “The Three Spinning Fairies.” The three fairies all were physically marked by the work they did as spinners. One had a big, flat foot, from turning the wheel; one had a large underlip that hung over her chin, from wetting the thread; and the third had a very broad thumb, from twisting the thread.

The story gets me thinking about the ways our activities mark us. The musculature of the long-distance runner tells a tale of her hard work. The tanned and lined skin of the farmer speaks of a life working in the sun. I knew an elderly teacher who had develop…

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2 thoughts on “The Maker’s Marks: Battered Hands at Home

  1. Don’t I remember Grimm’s Fairy Tales as if it were yesterday. i loved reading all those stories and just flipping through the book from beginning to the end. Thanks for giving us happy childhood memories!

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