Loving Hands of Friends: Grandma Van’s Quilt

My week of re-runs–one last look to the past, before I come back with new content. Thanks for re-visiting my early posts with me!

Love Those "Hands at Home"

IMG_2079 In an era where young women show their affection for friends by posting blurry photos of them on Facebook, the traditional practice of making a friendship quilt seems incredibly “old school.” But I’m an old-school kind of gal and I love being the current caretaker of a Depression-era friendship quilt, a lasting and lovely example of the power wrought by “loving hands at home.”

This is Grandma Van’s quilt.

grandma van quiltOrvada Hartman Van Landingham was my husband’s grandmother. She made wonderful quilts but she didn’t make this one. It was made for her by the women of her Texas community, as she and her husband prepared to move to California during the Great Depression.

Imagine how hard that must’ve been for a young woman, to leave everyone and everything she knew and move into the unknown. And she wasn’t moving because she had a great new job waiting, or because she’d…

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2 thoughts on “Loving Hands of Friends: Grandma Van’s Quilt

    • I think she would be pleased. I hardly knew her but my husband and his sister have these quilts and they’ll be taken good care of as long as we have anything to say about it!

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