Not Your Grandmother’s Crochet . . .

IMG_0027One of the best things, to my way of thinking, about the so-called “traditional” crafts is the ease with which they can be adapted to the sensibilities of new generations and eras, not to mention locales! Have you done any yarn bombing?


Door of The Good Yarn, in Sarasota, Florida

31 thoughts on “Not Your Grandmother’s Crochet . . .

    • I’ve just seen photos of that kind of thing. I’m a really bad crocheter so I’ve never done much of anything but the inventiveness of the yarn bombers always makes me smile.

    • Hahahaha! You sounds just like me, Susan. Any time anything pop culture turns up, I text my sister and ask, “who is Katie Perry?” “What’s twerking?” My sister always knows the answer! And, with your research skills, I’m sure you can learn a lot about yarn bombing! 😉

  1. I belong to a knitting group, and we were just talking about yarn bombing tonight – coincidence! It seems there is a national yarn bombing day in June each year, so we are planning to do something for that!

  2. What a great idea for their shop door! I didn’t know what yarn bombing was 6 months ago but since then have seen a lot of stories about it but no actual “work”. I’m so hopeless with yarn I probably couldn’t even wind it neatly around a post!

  3. I’ve never yarnbombed, it looks cool. But I have heard of them being vandalised so I don’t know if I’d like to put time and effort into something that isn’t appreciated, unfortunately.

    • Hi, Sarah! I somehow missed your last blog post and wondered whether you’d stopped blogging–so good to see you’re still here! I guess all public art is subject to damage, from vandals or weather. And, yes, it would be sad to see, after the time and energy taken to create it!

  4. In the UK we have the guerilla gardeners..they take over an unwanted patch of land and transform it over night…and there’s another group of knitters who took over a seaside pier last year..I think it’s just wonderful! xxx

    • Those are great examples of the ways people are sort of anonymously placing art in unexpected places. I guess another example is the flash mobs that just show up in public places and start to dance or sing or act out a scene. I think it’s wonderful, too!

  5. Is that a door? how creative and colourful. I used to crochet many years ago then it went out of fashion and now it’s back and it has overtaken me! I love fine crochet!

    • Me, either! My guess is that most of it is done ahead of time and then just seamed up around the lamp post or palm tree or whatever. And since knitting and crochet are kind of stretchy, there’d be some leeway in the fit?

  6. No yarn bombing for me… but that palm tree sure does look pretty! So does the door! On something like the tree, I wonder if you just stand there (climb there) and crochet or what!
    Thanks for stopping by Magnolia’s Attic and leaving your sweet comment — I get all undone too when I spot something that my mother had, like your dishes!

    • Yes, I’m not clear how it’s done either. Some of it must be done ahead of time and just assembled on-site–but how do they do it without drawing a crowd?!

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