Spring Sale on Chocolate!

caramel sampler-3Candy-making season is beginning to wind down. It’s very difficult to temper chocolate in warm weather and I’m just sure it’s going to get warm here in the next month or so (I sure hope so, anyway!)

Before I close the door on the candy shop for the summer, I am offering loyal American readers/friends a 20% discount on candy orders. Sorry I can’t make this available to all!

If you are hankering for candy, use the coupon code SPRING2014 upon check-out in my Etsy shop and get the discount!



26 thoughts on “Spring Sale on Chocolate!

  1. Those chocolates are INCREDIBLE! So professional and so pretty!
    It was quite a surprise to me….when you speak of ‘candies’ I had no idea you meant chocolates. I thought you meant sweets made from sugar. Ah well, that’s ironed that little confusion out! Or has it? Does the term ‘candy’ cover a variety of sweet things to eat?

    • I guess I use candy, more broadly, because I make the caramel and other fillings, too, so the candies are not pure chocolate. But chocolate is at the heart of most of what I make! And thanks for saying they’re pretty–they think you’re pretty, too. 😉

  2. Gee…it doesn’t seem that long ago that I was waiting for Fall 2013 candy making season to begin. I just ordered that wonderful spicy dried cherry and pepita bark and used the coupon code….thanks for offering it.

    • Thanks for your order, Susan–I heard from your sister, Mary, too! And, from my point of view, the fall 2013/spring 2014 season has seemed pretty long–I’m working hard right now to get ready for another show, down in Rye. I’ll be a little relieved when it’s time to stop for the summer!

  3. If I ever visit my brother in the USA again, I will definitely buy some of your yummy chocs 🙂
    Good luck with your sale and happy weekend!

    • My waistline takes a hit every year, during the time of year I make chocolate! Then I have to spend all summer dealing with it, just so I’m ready to have fun the next chocolate season!

  4. I should move to America, maybe I’ll get the 20% discount. I didn’t know you had an Etsy shop. Those chocolates look very professional! I’m drooling…

    • Doesn’t everybody have an Etsy shop?! Sometimes it feels that way! I sell the chocolates and I also sell vintage, mostly table linens. It’s been a lot of fun but I’m glad I don’t HAVE to do it, to make a living. I do what I want and then stop!

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