Spring? Bring It On!

IMG_6643Here in upstate New York, it’s far too early to do any planting of annual flowers but the garden centers are beginning to tempt and seduce us with spring glories!

For now, the flaming orange blossoms and rich green foliage of this trailing begonia glow indoors, in the afternoon sun. It anticipates, as do we, the days when we can move outdoors for the spring and summer, to enjoy the filtered sun and shade under the pergola.



17 thoughts on “Spring? Bring It On!

    • To be honest, the one we went to wasn’t really open. We saw the greenhouse door open and went in to visit the baby plants. They were willing to sell us the basket, though!

  1. I thought spring had arrived here to stay, yet here I am with the stove lit once again oh well, your photos have cheered me up no end 🙂

  2. Slowly, so very slowly there are signs of Spring here in the Mid-Atlantic States. Some yard work has begun, but we’re afraid to put anything out yet as temps have dropped into the 30’s lately. I love the beautiful blossoms you have pictured

  3. The colour of these flowers are gorgeous! I like that it’s proudly displayed next to your yo yos 🙂 I think this might be the year that I attempt to keep some flowers alive! xx

    • Yes, my yoyos got into the picture, even thought I’ve neglected them lately! I really like having flowering plants around–start small and I bet you’ll enjoy it!

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