Peeks at Progress: The Quilt and the Weaving

As the song says, “Many drops will turn the mill.” I’m making steady progress on the 1812 quilt and my first loom weaving project–more soon!

The 1812 Quilt

The 1812 Quilt

The loom weaving

The loom weaving

25 thoughts on “Peeks at Progress: The Quilt and the Weaving

    • Thanks again! The quilting is an old friend, the weaving is new . . .and quite enticing! The loom in the photo is a table loom that will allow a weaving of about 16 inches. It is not mine. I have a floor loom that my husband and I bought on a whim (at a garage sale!)–it will probably handle weaving up to 36-40 inches, once we get up to speed on the whole process!

  1. This quilt is just breathtaking! The stitching, lettering, the colors……just gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the finished project, up close and personal. Can only imagine how ” connected” you must feel with the people and events of the time! Have you considered sewing yourself some clothing from the time and taking part in the September commemoration?


    • Isn’t it a neat way to balance out the military focus of a war commemoration? I can’t wait to see what the other quilters in my guild come up with!

    • Thanks! The quilting is much more relaxing than the weaving–it’s the skill I am more confident in. The weaving is very exciting but I’m exhausted when I’m done, from concentrating and trying to figure out errors.

  2. You have amazing skills. The 1812 quilt is wonderful, and the weaving is beautiful. I wish that I had the persistence to do large sewing and weaving projects like these.

    • Thanks, Sheryl. To do projects like this you have to enjoy the repetitive process–actually like making the stitches or the row upon woven row–not everyone gets into it. I bet there are things about which you are very persistent!

    • That was my teacher’s suggestion and she was so right! Without those little zings of color, I think the finished project would be pretty-ish but boring.

    • Doing the weaving is very stressful at this point–I have to concentrate so hard to get the pattern right. But it’s fun to see it develop, and the quilt too!

  3. Oh weaving! It is a very focused craft but the results are so lovely. I have taken a handful of weaving classes. Your quilt is really pretty, looking forward to seeing more of it!

    • Oh, I suspect you’ll see more of both the quilt and the weaving. Do you still do any weaving? I’m very intrigued by it, even though another hobby is the last thing I need . . .

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