Weave: Verb, “To Make Material”

They will weave.

They are weaving.

They have woven.


40 thoughts on “Weave: Verb, “To Make Material”

  1. What a lovely post – it brought back such memories to me! I learnt to weave back in the 80’s. I had such fun with different looms and all kinds of materials from unspun fllece, handspun wool and so many different kinds of yarns…….. I made some horrendous lengths of fabric and some lovely pieces too 🙂 At one stage everyone in my household sported ponchos I had made from scratch – It was very satisfying!

      • I was thinking that I have mostly forgotten everything now and then my memory remembered the steps … Isn’t that amazing, all these years later! It’s like riding a bike – just go for it, it will all be there at your creative fingertips 🙂 I shall look forward to seeing your work 🙂

  2. I love the warp and the weft! And look at the results! So professional. Mind you, I can sense the level of concentration from here. So worth it though.
    Congratulations to all involved.

    • Thanks, Karen! Concentration was the big challenge. We all wanted to talk and chatter and then would lose our places and make mistakes. And un-weaving is no fun at all.

    • Thanks! That little vintage set of jugs has been around here for ages. I’ve been meaning to list it for sale but now I can see that it has found its place in life!

  3. My nana has a child’s weaving kit which we all learnt to weave on. She originally bought it for my mum in the 1970’s. She always says that she pretended it was a present for her, but she really bought it for herself because she couldn’t resist it 🙂

    • How many toys do you suppose were purchased more for the adults than kids?! I think that’s the story with most Legos. I made pot holders on a tiny loom as a kid but had never gone further. I think it’s a great experience for a kid to have!

  4. Cool post! I love the results. We did weaving as kids too (ofcourse, the result was a mess, with odd colour schemes), with a homemade loom of wood and nails. That was lots of fun!

    • Thanks, Marieken! I guess I did a tiny bit as a kid and a tiny bit in college on what’s called a backstrap loom. I hope we stick with this–it has so many possibilities!

  5. The table runner is GORGEOUS! Your are immensely talented 🙂 I used to do this on a smaller scale when I was a teenager and loved it!

    • Well . . . . maybe a table loom. I used a LeClerc Dorothy in the class we took and quite liked it. I’m hoping to find one on eBay for a decent price. And my husband has done some rehabbing of the floor loom so I think that’s be good to go soon!

  6. In ancient Indian scriptures of Rig Veda and Upanishads, the universe is imagined as a cloth woven by the gods and the passage of day and night as a weaver throwing a shuttle across the loom. Beautiful work!

    • I’m so glad you told me about that symbolism! I know spinning and weaving show up in the myths and folklore of many cultures but I didn’t know about the Indian connection–it’s beautiful!

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