It’s Just a Matter of . . . Thyme

Good morning!

It’s been a long thyme!

IMG_2852In June, there’s a moment of thyme . . .

IMG_7501When I have thyme on my hands . . .

IMG_7487 And thyme is on my side . . .

IMG_7494Here, thyme knows no bounds.

IMG_7486I have all the thyme in the world . . .

IMG_7495To enjoy some quality thyme.

IMG_7491But thyme is of the essence . . .

IMG_7485Because, before long, it’s thyme to call it a day . . .

IMG_2853After a good thyme was had by all!


And, truly, there’s a thyme for every purpose under heaven.


42 thoughts on “It’s Just a Matter of . . . Thyme

  1. That is, without a doubt, the most fabulous Thyme I have ever seen! And I love that you finished this lovely post with the words of your great hero, Pete Seeger.
    I am struggling to keep up with the housekeeping on my blog and the ones I follow, thyme seems so hard to manage at the moment. I have had a terrible thyme with storms over here, which wrecked big patches of my garden. I think low growing thyme, fragrant and attractive to the bees would be a sensible plant to grow here instead of the tall plants which I favour!
    I really love the creeping thyme in your garden. It looks so Mediterranian! I can just imagine the baking sun and the fragrance…lovely!

    • I remember being shocked at the amount of time blogging took. It still does, but now I’ve a) found ways to incorporate it into my schedule and b) given myself permission to let it go if I need to do other things more. It’s hard because I love the connections to you all I get from blogging and reading!

      I’m glad you made the thyme to stop by! I thought the garden theme might speak to you!

    • I have one cultivar that doesn’t seem to flower at all–I have no idea why. Does yours get tons of sun? Mine is spotty where the sun is spotty and it really flowers where it gets baked.

  2. I’m wondering how much thyme it took you to cook up all those ‘thyme’ song titles and sayings 🙂 Beautiful shots and such a pretty colour too – my thyme doesn’t get enough sun to flower profusely like yours, so I just get to enjoy the scent!

    • The scent alone is worth it! I was surprised, when I started growing thyme, at the way it drapes itself over the side of the raised beds–I didn’t expect that! It’s one of the few areas of full sun that we have and it’s spreading like crazy!

  3. I didn’t realize thyme looked this pretty when flowering! I love that last picture. Beautiful! I like adding thyme to certain dishes, but not too much as it can be quite overpowering in smell and taste 🙂

    • I have some other cultivars of thyme that don’t seem to flower but they do grow in a beautiful mat of green. And it smells so good when you walk on it!

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