The Peony Protest

IMG_7523Trouble was brewing, a buzz of discontent. A grudge was being held in the garden.

I told them, “No,” the blogosphere did NOT need more pictures of peonies. There were already peonies a-plenty, a veritable proliferation of peonies.

My peonies pouted, prettily. They said, “You don’t really love us. If you really loved us you’d show us off, like that nice lady at Amaryllis Log showed hers.”

Then they pointed out that I’d made time for the thyme. I said, “But it was the best of thyme.” They said, “No, it was the worst of thyme.”

And they demanded equal thyme time. Peonies can be very persistent.

It was easier just to give in and post their pictures.

But now the geraniums are getting ready to grumble, the begonias are beginning to bitch. Heck, even the pansies are petulant, and they almost never behave badly.

Oh, no. What have I started?

72 thoughts on “The Peony Protest

  1. I can never get enough pictures of peonies! I’m even planning to put another one in my next post. Your photos are gorgeous and so are your peonies!

  2. I agree, Pouty Peonies indeed. I was not home when mine were in full bloom, so they decided to let themselves be washed away by rain all together…since I was not there to praise, adore and admire them;0)
    But the photos ( and yes the peonies) are beautiful. never enough photos of your beautiful garden anyways!!

  3. Post your peonies, pansies and posies – there can never be too many fabulous floral fotographs [did you see how I cheated there? :-)] Actually those peony photos are among the best I have seen – and yes, they are everywhere. You know, where I live peonies are Christmas flowers! One of the many wonders of blogging is you get to enjoy something twice yearly instead of just annually!

    • Nice to see you getting into the spirit of alliteration (and there’s no cheating here–it’s all about the sound, not the spelling!!) You’re so right about the fun of seeing nature’s big moments twice a year–when I’m seeing apple blossoms here, you have apples!

  4. I can’t see too many peonies. I love their showy flowers, and they bloom for such a fleetingly short time. I currently have a peony bloom floating in a bowl of water in my kitchen–and each time I walk by it I feel a little more relaxed and contented.

    • Yay for the geraniums! One bit of advice about the peonies–if they don’t bloom the first year you plant them don’t panic. Mine didn’t and I read that it was probably because I planted them too deep and they don’t like that. But the same article said NOT to dig them up–just let them be and the plants naturally rise up in the soil a little. I’m not sure how that happens but the same plants bloomed beautifully this year–be patient!

  5. I love this! not only are the flowers beautiful but they have a bit of personality too 😉 great job!
    if you ever get the chance though, I’d love to have you visit my
    blog, it’s currently in it’s very early stages 🙂 thanks! xo morgan

  6. Oh Kerry, I love this witty and cleverly crafted post about the way that all the flowers really do seem to be screaming for attention right now. I LOVE your photos, they are saturated in summer colour
    It is interesting to see that despite your seasons late start, that your flowers have over taken mine here in England. My Peonies are just in bud. I never pick mine, but buy big bunches from the florists, filling the house with big, full-blown flower heads which dip under the weight of so many layers as they bloom.
    I love them and your post and I look forward to seeing all your other flowers too.

    • That is interesting–yours haven’t bloomed yet? How did we get ahead of you? Still, you certainly have lots to look forward to! I’ve left all of mine on the stem but I might bring a couple in–they’re starting to fade. It’s been kind of nice–the different plants have bloomed in a staggered way so I had the dark red, then the magenta, and now the pale pink!

  7. Glad you gave in to your peonies wishes! Not having a garden myself (or green thumbs), I enjoy seeing and reading about other people’s botanical adventures 🙂
    I’ll be waiting for the geraniums, begonias and the pansies!

    • Maybe reading the adventures of others will inspire you to grow your own one day! I didn’t really get interested until I was in my 40s–you have plenty of time!

  8. And I was out there this morning taking photos of my peonies yet again this year….can’t help it, I just love them.

    • I love them, too, and I’m always astounded by how perfect they are, in spite of me not knowing what I’m doing in the garden! Will you post photos of yours? I think you should! (You wouldn’t want to risk a local protest).

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