43 thoughts on “What’s Cuter Than A Baby Raccoon?

    • I watched them forever, as they toddled around. They were almost constantly touching each other, walking flank to flank, as if for reassurance. Too sweet!

  1. I know, I know…racoons are little rascals that can be a nuisance and a pest and I do keep my garage, chimney and whatnots firmly closed to these smart cookies…but they are sooo adorable! I am always fascinated to watch the racoons moms, they are so caring and protective. Beautiful photos Kerry!

    • I know they can be a problem, especially in urban and suburban settings, but we don’t seem to have trouble from them. And certainly not when they’re this tiny!

      • Well, I think that people and wildlife can share the same space when people take the wildlife into account ;0) The only time they raided my garbage…was when I forgot to close the door. Cannot blame them for getting a free meal. My sons live downtown Toronto and scientists claim , there are more raccoons than people living there..that would mean over 4 million raccoons. But if people take precautions, they won’t be a bother. And it is also said that city raccoons are smarter than their rural cousins. My sons lived above a restaurant for a while and witnessed more than once how a gang of raccoons divided themselves into two groups and while one group was distracting the restaurant owner….the other group would go through all the garbage bins. I did not believe that…until I saw it myself. If that restaurant owner would have invested in better garbage bins, it would have saved him a lot of trouble;0)

  2. Cute? Are you kidding me? When they come from behind your house and make a racket at night, then forage through the trash barrel out front on trash pick-up day, you won’t find them cute.

    • I hear human toddlers can be pretty destructive and troublesome, too, but I still think they’re cute as babies! 😉 We’ve lived here for years and never had any trouble from the adult raccoons, other than an occasional foray into the compost pile. Knock on wood!

    • They don’t give us real trouble out in the country but I think they become pests in suburban and urban settings. They are pretty clever at opening garbage cans, to get at food.

  3. double the trouble. cute they may be but also destructive monsters that are very difficult to get rid of and if they settle in for the winter (under the deck, in a shed) the smell is overpowering. They are attracted, to water if you have a fish pond they’ll eat the fish (free sushi) and dig up all the plants. Fruit trees? – apples and figs are favorites. should I go on??

    • Do you live out in the country? We do, and we haven’t had any trouble. I keep thinking they may be more problematic in more densely populated areas?

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