Dragonfly Summer

dragonflyWe’ve had an unusual number of dragonflies around this summer and I have been trying, mostly in vain, to get a good photograph of one. This is my favorite so far.

Aren’t his iridescent wings beautiful? And he eats mosquitoes!

What does this have to do with “loving hands at home”? Ummm . . . dragonflies are also sometimes called “darning needles”?

32 thoughts on “Dragonfly Summer

  1. Any animal that has mosquitoes on its menu can and should be honored where ever possible. But no…I did not know that dragonflies were called knitting needles…because they fly so straight? Lovely photo of a beautiful creature!

    • Actually, it’s darning needles, not knitting needles. I’ve seen them referred to as “devil’s darning needles,” but I couldn’t attach the word “devil” to these sweet creatures. I think the name came because of their long, pointy bodies and the way they dart around. Who cares–they eat mosquitoes!! 🙂

  2. Growing up, we knew them as “sewing needles” as ran screaming when any approached!!! LOL!!! Yes, any mosquito-eating critter is a good critter!!!! Your photo is beautiful!!!!

  3. We have more than usual dragonflies this year too. I have to keep ducking out of their way when I mow the lawn. Can’t they see me? I bet they’re focused on chasing a mosquito…that must be it!

    • I’ve wondered if they see me, too! I was about two inches from the one I photographed, with my big noisy camera, and it didn’t budge. They’re everywhere–they seem to really like hollyhocks!

    • I love watching them–they move so fast and can change direction so fast. I always wondered if the person who invented the helicopter got his idea from watching dragonflies.

  4. I have been seeing more than usual too — perhaps because we have more than usual mosquitos!

    I used to be terrified of them — when I was 5 my mother’s second husband told me that if I kept talking so much dragonflies would sew my mouth shut! Thank goodness she was only married to him briefly.

    • Yes, that second husband had to go! But you reminded me about that folklore–that they could stitch a mouth closed. We had a lot to be afraid of as kids, huh?

  5. That’s a great photo! Aren’t these wonderful little creatures! I have a beautiful memory from when I lived in England and taught at a school located on a Biodynamic Farm – a sea of shimmering blue could be seen over the fields from time to time and it was dragonflies en masse dining on the unwanted plant bugs………. It is good to know that some insects are surviving the pesticide armageddon!

  6. That one’s even better than the last one you posted — which was like 100 times better than any of the dragonfly pictures I’ve taken this summer. They are like trying to get a hummingbird to stay still! It’s torturous! But great job — I love the shiny wings and his little face.

    • This one just sat there and waited while I took the pictures. It was kind of weird but it made me happy. Then, when I was finished, off he zipped again. Those sparkly wings just get me every time!

  7. I understand that there is a spiritual element to dragonflies, as well. I think they mean change is coming?? I’ll have to research that. Wonderful photo.

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