To Market, To Market . . . Jean-Talon in Montreal

IMG_9005Where summers are short, we must celebrate them intensely!

Montreal knows this, and her people glory in markets and street life, exploding with fresh flavors and colors. I’ve taken you along, in an earlier post, to Atwater Market. Today, we visit Marche Jean-Talon, with a stop in Vieux Montreal.

Whatever season currently prevails where you live, immerse yourself for a few moments in summer!


42 thoughts on “To Market, To Market . . . Jean-Talon in Montreal

  1. Oh! I see a can (in your pictures) of the same wonderful maple syrup that a friend brought me back from Quebec. It is so light and tasty and you’ll want to have French toast or pancakes every morning after tasting that yummy syrup :0)

    • We live 20 minutes from the border and should spend much more time exploring than we do. Quebec really feels like a different country, unlike the English parts of Canada (which are wonderful, too, at least what I’ve seen!) When you come, do take the time to go to Ottawa–not French-speaking but an altogether wonderful city!

  2. Master Weaver Sharon Alderman once said that in designing color in a textile, look at what colors appear together in nature. Your pictures truly inspire! What fun those markets must be!

    • You know, since I’ve started weaving (very recently) I find myself looking at plants and fruits and thinking “that would make a pretty twill”, etc. Going to these markets is truly a feast for all the senses.

    • I bet you have such markets in your part of the world, too (at least when the season is right!) Montreal gives me a way to feel like I’m in Europe when I’m just an hour from home!

  3. Your pictures are terrific. I wish I knew how to lay out pictures on WordPress better. I never really learned. I’m not surprised that people in Montreal know how to soak up summer. I saw that attitude in Sweden when I was there in the mid-1990s. Another place where summer is short.

  4. This is wonderful!! I feel like I’m in the market..for I can smell the fruit and flowers ,see all the color,hear the crowd and feel the jostling ….the only thing I can’t do is plop a raspberry in my mouth!!!

  5. your photos are very well-taken.. professional looking too.. the Strawberry eclairs are to die for.. πŸ˜› LOL.. i wish it could pop out from the screen for us to savor it.. it looks so yummy in the picture.. *slurp*

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