36 thoughts on “Woman Succumbs . . .

      • Without a doubt. On another subject; your other love, folk music. I have just been introduced to Phil Ochs, and the exquisite Ashokan Farewell by Jay Ungar. It occurred to me that you may know the Ashokan Center or the Ashokan Reservoir. I played the Ashokan Farewell about a dozen times yesterday.

        • Oh, Phil Ochs! One of my favorites! I especially love his song, “When I’m Gone”–it should be how I live my life. I know the Ashokan Farewell–exquisite, indeed–but I haven’t been to the Center, even though the area is only a few hours drive away. I’m pleased you’ve found all this very good music. Phil Och’s songs should give you lots to listen to–the range from lovely to blistering commentary is amazing!

  1. Fiddle Dee Dee, Ireland!!! well…you will be sorely missed but I see your agony (and your husband’s ;0)) But sweety, be careful for the Linen Pixies who will lure you on the moors by waiving vintage towels embroidered with four clover leaves…they can only be warded of by carrying garlic potatoes. In your case…thread a few on a string and wear it as a necklace.
    Take Care and Fast healing, xoxoxo from Johanna.

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