White Chocolate–Worth the Calories?

white chocAccording to the folks at Foodimentary, it’s National White Chocolate Day!

Do you have an opinion on white chocolate? Yay or nay? Would you ever choose it over dark or milk chocolate?

This is also my sister’s birthday–she’s a dark chocolate kind of girl all the way!

30 thoughts on “White Chocolate–Worth the Calories?

  1. Beloved adores white chocolate whereas I’m not over fond …Mmmmm I’ve only just realised he only ever buys white chocolate that wouldn’t be so he doesn’t have to share would it LOL

  2. I like it, but not in excessive amounts. It’s great over dried fruits that are a bit sour, such as apricots. What’s underneath the ones in your photo?

  3. Your little white chocolates look so delicious, I would choose one of them for a taste. My favorite is dark chocolates. Happy day to your sister πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for the b’day wishes to my sister! Those white chocolates are covering coffee caramels. I make them with dark chocolate, too, and I like the dark ones better, truth be told!

  4. I love white chocolate…even more than dark or milk chocolate. Definitely worth the calories in my opinion.

    Happy birthday to Kerry’s sister!

    • Really?!?! Just when you think you know a person . . .

      Actually, you could give me some input–what flavors do you think work best with white chocolate? I’ve been intending to do a white chocolate bark but, because I don’t usually choose white chocolate, I don’t know what to pair with it. Are there dried fruits or nuts that are especially compatible?

      I’ll pass the b’day wishes along! She and I are the same age for the next 6 weeks, until I get older again!

      • I would think cashew pieces or pistachio or hazelnut would work nicely. Your dried cherries would be great or pieces of dried apricot. Or just the nuts and white chocolate without the fruit…that would be delicious.

        I love your dark chocolate bark…that combo of spice, pepita and cherries is marvelous. The spice works so well with the dark chocolate but wouldn’t with the white. And I love spice!

    • Based on my sales, dark chocolate lovers are in the majority in general! I like dark chocolate best, I guess, but milk chocolate has all these sentimental, nostalgic, childhood connections for me . . . and you know how I am about sentimental, nostalgic, childhood stuff!

  5. I mosly like dark chocolate, but every now and then I make an exception for white chocolate. There’s a Belgian chocolatier around the corner and they have a bonbon with white chocolate and marzipan that is mouthwateringly delicious!

  6. I’m a dark chocolate girl all the way – the darker the better! To me white just is’t chocolate, it’s something else entirely but I’m not sure what πŸ™‚ Now if your little edibles were marzipan covered – that might be tasty ………..

  7. I’ve noticed that all the cookie companies have dropped the “white chocolate” term and are now using “white chunk” instead. Is there a reason for that? Or are they just warning us what we’ll turn into if we eat too much of it????

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