As a charter member of the North American autumn appreciation team, I felt it my bounden duty to attempt to capture the evanescent essence of the season. The Adirondacks have put on a splendid show this yearโ€”my photos do not begin to do justice to the glory! (You can click on any of the thumbnails to get a closer look, though.)

65 thoughts on “Ahhhhhh-tumn

  1. What an absolute treat to start the day with!!! Your photos are so gorgeous and have captured the spirit of Autum in the Adirondacks so well!! We have spent a few lovely vacations there and especially in Autumn…it is simply glorious! Thank you so much my dear, I will spent the day humming happily, my head filled with your photos! A big hug from Ohio

    • Thanks Gallivanta! I don’t know if ground cherries = cape gooseberries–I’ve never heard of those. I read somewhere that ground cherries are related to tomatillos. Do you know tomatillos?

        • Ummmm, no. I tried one at the farmers market and thought it was good so I bought a bunch. But then the rest of them tasted kind of icky. I think it’s because I expected them to be fruit, and sweet, but they mostly aren’t sweet, just like tomatillos aren’t sweet. I wanted to like them . . . they’re so cute.

  2. Simply marvelous! You live in such a beautiful part of the country, I can’t get enough of those mountains, lakes and meadows all aglow in their autumnal glory. And how jealous am I that you have your very own sugar house and a nearby covered bridge! Thank you for sharing these beautiful images.

    • Don’t be jealous of that old sugar house–the farm it sits on has been out of my family for years and is now derelict. I drive by a couple of times a year and I really shouldn’t–it just makes me sad at this point! But I do have treasured memories of that little sugar shack, from when I was a child.

    • Oh, stop! You would take the same photos were you to be here in the autumn! It’s easy to take pretty pictures of such stunning beauty. But thank you for saying such nice things, all the same!

    • I wish I’d thought of “ahhhh-sumn”! Have you ever been to this region? You can drive on an amazing highway to the top of Whiteface in the summer–it’s an incredible experience. It’s a ski resort in the winter so, of course, there’s a gondola, too, that tourists can take. And the mountain in stunning during every season.

    • Thanks, Susan, but, truly, how could photos of such beauty turn out bad? I give Mother Nature all the credit for these! PS–I’m so glad you liked the white chocolate bark!

  3. Barns, reflections, covered bridges … the joy and beauty of fall, so lovingly captured! I’ve never been to the Adirondacks! Someday, though!!

    • The Adirondacks are so different than the mountains in western North America–older, rounded, worn down, mellow. And covered, at least mostly, with these beautiful trees and leaves–do come visit!

  4. I love the pictures of the old barn and of Mirror Lake — absolutely gorgeous. I thought Portland had pretty fall colors, but these…wow, I can’t even imagine. I’d become a serious “leaf peeper” if I lived near that kind of scenery! And yay to ground cherries — love them!

    • Does Portland have maples? I’m embarrassed not to know the answer to that. I always think it’s the maples that make the show so great in New England and upstate New York. The maples gives us the reds. What does one do with ground cherries? I can’t say I’ve found much to like about them, except they’re so darn cute.

  5. A belated thanks for the wonderful photos. They would be perfect inspiration for landscape quilts. Curiously enough, I’m taking a course on that now. May I contact you for permission to use one of your photos, if I ever get my first one done?

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