Isn’t It Lovely?

big choc barIsn’t it wonderful?

It’s a big bar of beautiful chocolate.

It weighs 11 pounds.

It measures 18 inches long by 10 inches wide. It’s 2 inches thick.

And I have 35 of them in my pantry.

They account for almost 1,000,000 calories of happy.

Life is good.


Edited to add:

Oops! I am reminded by Silver in the Barn that not all of you know why I have so much chocolate around! I eat a lot, but not all of it, myself. The rest I make into a variety of chocolate candies. You can visit them in my shop on Etsy!

43 thoughts on “Isn’t It Lovely?

    • Yes, but what I neglected to put in the post, until another reader prompted me, is that I mostly use the chocolate to make into candies that I sell. I do eat my share of that chocolate though!

  1. 11 pounds! That’s the same weight as my antique chafing dish. You must have very sturdy shelves in your pantry. I agree, it certainly is lovely (and delicious)!

  2. Well look at at this way: chocolate is the healthy candy and it works up good hormones and neuro tranmitters in the body…that makes us happy and we go for good walks in Mother Nature and bicycle rides…we loose weight and work up an healthy appetite and when you come home we see that lovely chocolate again and…presto full circle!

  3. I just bought myself one chocolate mould yesterday 🙂 This will be my first season following your chocolate making adventures. I’m even going to peruse your store even though I shan’t be able to purchase anything …. a girl can salivate!

    • It’s like window shopping on 5th Avenue in New York. You know you aren’t going to buy but it’s fun to fantasize! What are you going to make with your chocolate mold? I don’t use molds too much–I’ll be interested to hear how your works out!

  4. I was going to say: “Why in the world do you have 35 bars of chocolate weighing 11 pounds each?!” But now I know, and btw, the chocolates on your etsy look delicious!

  5. Phew so some end up at the shop….a 1,000,000 calories of happy eating is lots for one person. Let me check out the Etsy shop, who knows I might just be tempted to join the happy eating!

  6. Linda has some new baking recipes to try. She sent me to the store to buy chocolate with various %’s of coaco… 56%, 72%, etc. Hmmm. I thought the options were Hersey’s, Ghiradelli, and Lindt. Guess, this is what keeps marriage interesting after 21 years.

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