Spooky Dudes

It’s Halloween and a girl’s thoughts turn to vintage linens . . .

IMG_7480What’s that? You can’t think anything less terrifying, or spooky, or nightmare-inducing than vintage linens?

Ah, but have you met these guys?

He looks harmless . . .

IMG_2640But, wait—what’s that in his hand?

IMG_2639-2A knife. A big knife. A big butcher knife.

Is he cute? Or just a little . . . creepy, in a sociopathic kind of way?

And he’s looking right at you.

And, speaking of creepy, who, and what, is this guy?

gnome - Version 2 A harmless, kitchen gnome? I think not. Look at those eyes. gnome - Version 3 Spooky, and he’s looking right at you.

And sitting in your cereal bowl.

Be careful when you open the cabinet . . .



33 thoughts on “Spooky Dudes

  1. Look at the quality of those linens! Who would do that to them? I cannot think of a worse picture to look at when delicately dabbing at whatever these were made to delicately dab at…………. I hope your Halloween was a good one, I am safely in November now 🙂

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