31 thoughts on “Off the Loom: A Teaser

    • I’ve struggled a lot with an idea for my header–how to represent the range of interests and the focus of what I write about . . . you’re right–I could change it to reflect what I’m currently work on, I guess.

    • What’s next? Well, I think more towels–different colors and weave structure. I’m keeping it straightforward at this point. I got the book about linen that you recommended–wow! So much to learn and absorb!

  1. Why are you teasing us? 😉 Is there a little imperfection in the top right hand corner out of view????? A drop of chocolate somewhere? Surely not, they look too perfectly gorgeous.

    • You know, that’s a good question. I worked on them very sporadically. They were all done on one long warp so I just had to do the threading of the loom once but it’s still time-consuming. When I sat down to actually weave, I probably did about 6-8 inches in an hour. I would’ve been happy for them to take longer because now I have an empty loom again!

    • Thanks for the thoughts! But we live a 7-hour drive across New York from the snow, although we did live in the snow area for many years and are glad to have moved away! Many of our friends were there and are still overwhelmed!

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