Christmas Senses: The Smell of Oranges and Cloves

It’s time! Go get yourself some oranges and cloves, and create the most beautiful, holiday fragrance in your home!

Love Those "Hands at Home"

IMG_4089I like my Christmas to smell.

Yes, I want to see bright lights and colors, as well as snow on the ground. I want the taste of peppermint and the feel of flannel PJs but mostly I love the smells I associate with the winter holidays.

You probably know the smells I mean. Evergreen boughs. Cookies baking. A wood fire. Caramel and chocolate and mint.

And the best smell of all, to my way of thinking—oranges studded with cloves.

Every year at this time, my husband gets a big bag of oranges and a big jar of whole cloves and makes pomanders while he watches football on TV.

He has done this for many years and, because the cloves dry and preserve the oranges, we probably have pomanders around here that are older than some of you!

Pomanders make a wonderful addition to holiday decorating.  They are natural and rustic…

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7 thoughts on “Christmas Senses: The Smell of Oranges and Cloves

  1. Never heard of this before! This is on my to do list before Friday night as we are having company . They will make a delightful table center piece!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. While I have never made pomanders I have seen them before – they have always been in the ‘too hard basket’ and will probably stay there despite your clear directions 🙂 I do put orange peel, cinnamon and cloves and sometimes rosemary too into a pot of hot water on a low heat and let the aroma waft through the house in winter – it is uplifting and cheering when the weather is chilly and the days are short. And there’s that fabulous husband of yours again – juxtaposing two seemingly incongruous activities …….. It’s a pity about the lack of cloning!

    • Left to my own devices, I’d probably settle for the cloves and orange peel in water, too. Don likes the pomander activity–I think it lets him justify those hours in front of the TV while feeling productive!

  3. Got some cloves over at the pharmacy last saturday, I’ll be getting some oranges too this weekend. Although the cloves make the kitchen smell pretty good all by themselves!

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