A Walk for A Winter’s Day

Feeling cold and a little prickly,



A nice walk can only help.

A walk is better with a friend, real,

IMG_3028 IMG_3025

Or implied.

It’s already melting . . .



52 thoughts on “A Walk for A Winter’s Day

  1. Brave kitty! On the rare occasion when one of my gone-but-not-forgotten cats saw snow he made high bunny hops across it with mews of horror as he went 🙂 The memory is vivid and still makes me smile.

    I love the photo with shadows of you and the trees! Isn’t it wonderful how an [early morning] walk blows away the disgruntlement! 🙂

    • Zack is a very dog-like cat. He loves to ramble and will trot alongside of me pretty much as long as I’ll let him. He doesn’t love snow but he loves being outside so he has learned to deal with it!

  2. What a lovely post! The blue sky and pure white snow and your brisk walk did me the power of good! I can not tell you how happy the kitty photos made me. Is that your cat? And does he or she walk with you? I do hope so. I have a cat who used to go for walks with me in the field and it was so special. We used to have to cross a stream and she always waited for me to carry her over. She was a tabby and called Nina.

    • Yes, that’s my Zack–he’s half dog, I think. It’s hard to keep him home but, when I go out and call, he comes dashing back. And he loves to take walks with us–sometimes I turn back before I want to because I don’t want him to get the idea it’s okay to go TOO far on his own. But we live at then end of a long dead-end road so it’s quite safe. You’d love this cat!

  3. Gorgeous and calming photos. I love the one of the prickly little seed head half covered in ice, and the dripping icicle on the juniper. And that blue blue lake! We never get water that color here, too silty and sandy.

    • Our snowfall was very heavy and wet–about a foot of it. The trees were just bending down under the weight. These photos were a couple days later and the dripping and icy spots were so pretty in the bright sun. Our lake, Lake Champlain, is very large–120 miles long and several miles wide, and is fed by mountain rivers and streams–maybe that explains its color? It is truly beautiful.

  4. Fabulous photos! I love looking at the tracks in the freshly fallen snow and trying to figure out what creatures left them. Lions, tigers and bears? Oh, my!

    • If these are lions, tigers, and bears, they were teeny-tiny ones! I suspect they were squirrels and my own cats’ prints, maybe a bunny. Hey, you haven’t been blogging much–I hope everything is okay!

  5. Lovely winterwalk…captured in beautiful winter photos. Love,love, love the one with sun peeing through the pine (oh, that sounds like tiptoe-ing through the tulips;0)) Well and how about that cat in the cold ( gosh, whats gotten into me, another alliteration!) This must be a special breed from Maine? Stay warm there, love from Jolly Johanna…

    • Thanks, jolly Johanna–we have a wonderful winter wonderland (see, I can do alliteration, too!)–pretty photos everywhere I looked. That cat of mine is an all-weather cat–he just loves being outside no matter what. And he loves taking walks with me. Do you have snow? XOXO Kurious Kerry 😉

      • OHNO, I am horrified…I wrote peeing instead of peeping!!! I am blushing from head to toe…although I suspect you were laughing your head of. Where is spell check when you need it ?!?! And alas no snow here…grey weather but my oldest son is here so I am a very happy girl (who needs to work on spelling and grammar…) xoxoxo dear friend

        • Sorry I didn’t respond to this–well, I did respond with a fit of giggling but I didn’t get back to you about it! I admit seeing “peeing” did give me a smile when I first saw it–I knew exactly what you were trying to say, though. I wonder how many times I have typed something and ended up with completely different message!! I’ve been so, so busy–Wordpress has fallen off my radar. I’ll be back soon–enjoy your holiday with your sweet guys and Charley-girl!

  6. Clever post! It’s like taking a walk (with you 🙂 ) while sitting on the couch in my pjs with my laptop. I should go grab some of your marshmallow bark and the experience will be complete! Great photos, Kerry. Gorgeous.

    • Did you still have marshmallow bark at the point you wrote this?! That’s willpower! It’s one of my favorites and I can’t seem to keep my hands off it. Although I’m so sick of chocolate right now . . .

  7. You know, for as much as I hate (HATE!) the cold and ice, it does make for some beautiful photos. Nothing quite matches the splendor of a walk in the winter. I remember one time a few years ago when my mom was visiting and there was a little snow storm. My husband and I walked to the store that night to buy eggs for breakfast the next morning. Being from Alaska, I’ve taken plenty of walks in the snow, but that one stood out for its calm and beauty — maybe because in Portland everyone is too scared to leave the house when there’s snow!

  8. What beautiful pictures–the lake, the juniper, your eager pets! Yes, a walk does help all manner of things. Thanks for putting this together for our viewing! I stayed a week on Lake Champlain once, on the Vermont side, but lucky for me, it was summer…

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