It’s the Rime of the Season

Say what you will about winter, about the cold and inconvenience and the lack of daylight hours. I still think winter provides more chances for dramatic and remarkable beauty than any other season.

We know what the loveliness of the other seasons look like but only winter can provide the unusual spectacle of a swirling, freezing steam off a lake that is warm only when compared with the temperature of the air.

IMG_1801And then, after a really cold night and a freezing fog, the world is covered in rime.

IMG_3151Every detail, encased and outlined in ice crystals. (Click any photo for the full detail!)

It’s all subtle and monochromatic and understated and stunning.

It’s winter–what will today bring?

41 thoughts on “It’s the Rime of the Season

  1. Kerry, you know how I hate winter (because of the dark and cold primarily), but I have to say that I love the look of the winter garden. Structure is highlighted and accented with a coating of snow and there are no weeds to pull! I think I’d like winter more if I lived on Lake Champlain! Your photos are amazing.

    • Thanks, Susan! When you look at my photos of Lake Champlain, you need to remember that there are many, many days when I wouldn’t dream of posting a photo of it. The north wind can scream across that lake and, then, I hate winter, too. It’s good for me, almost necessary, to focus on the beauty when it happens–otherwise, winter would be tooooo long! Have a wonderful, peaceful holiday!

      • Kerry, I spent a good deal of time in Burlington, VT several years ago and how I loved that view across the lake with the mountains behind! Absolutely gorgeous. Wishing you a happy holiday and peace as well! Susan

  2. Even the cobwebs indeed! Gorgeous. Count me in as a huge fan of winter. I love the crisp frosty beauty plus I think because I am such a homebody the dark and cold only make it more perfect for homebodyishness 🙂

    • There you go, inventing new words! But what a good word–it sort of says it all and goes a long way in explaining why I like winter, too–the perfect excuse to hunker down with books, cats, and crafts!

  3. I have always love the “white drama” that this season brings but the “cold” component does not mesh well with me!! LOL!!! Your photos are a beautiful ‘capture’ of the season!!!! Hugs………….

  4. Oh, yes, it’s beautiful. We have hoar frost here too and everything becomes magical. I’ll be headed to work and all of a sudden I notice I’m driving into a fairy tale! Your photos are breath taking!

    Personally I love the shape of a “naked” tree as a silhouette in the landscape. It’s much like an inverted root system.

    I agree, each season has so much to offer but winter is by far the most dramatic, especially when a day looks so monochromatic and haunting.

    • My sister was looking at some of those photos and thought I had converted them to black and white–it took her awhile to realize that that was all the color there was in the world right then. I have seen such stunning scenes in winter, while driving, too–and either I don’t have a camera or can’t stop in traffic. I always try to commit the view to memory but it fades . . .

    • Oh, blow-up Santas–what is it with those, anyway?! And they cost a LOT–I don’t get it. Thanks for coming along on the walk with me–we kindred spirits need to stick together.

  5. Beautiful photos, lovely way to capture the best of the season. I’ve never been a big fan of winter, but I never had time to enjoy it until last year. When working, I would leave the house in the dark and return in the dark. Not much to enjoy there. But last winter we determined we would get out every time we could. That meant walks and hikes and snowshoeing in temps down to about 15 F, as long as it wasn’t very windy. This time I look forward to the season as I haven’t before.


    • My appreciation of winter has grown hugely since I retired and moved to our current location. We lived for almost 25 years in Buffalo, NY, and like you, had to be at work early. winter was mostly tedium then. Getting out in the winter world can be hard to initiate but, once I get bundled up and out there, I’m always glad.

  6. Wonderful pictures, Kerry! They take me back to my childhood in Wisconsin. I can see in my mind’s eye my father’s field at dusk, covered in snow in shades of white, grey and evening blue. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  7. Your photo’s look magical! I can imagine, with winter looking like that, you like this time of year. I live in the city’s center, so once it snowed, it all turns into a greyish slush within a day. If winter looked like this over here, I might become a fan!

    • You’re right that cities are harder to love in the winter. Even here, in the country, all the beauty has washed away and it’s wet and gray right now. I only share pretty pictures of winter, you know! 😉

  8. Magic is the only word to describe these photos!! I love them, each and every one. And a delightful title to this post too, Kerry. I also feel that winter is a perfect time to examine the garden. It highlights what is working and what isn’t in the hardscape better than any other time. Merry Christmas, my friend.

    • Thanks, Barbara! I have to admit that all that beauty is long gone at this point–it’s going to be in the mid-40s, with lots of rain today. Ick. But that won’t get in the way of enjoying family and pets and our cozy home this season. I hope are having a wonderful Christmas, too!

    • Those moments when the snow is new and untouched are really special. All too soon, it gets slushy and muddy and MUCH less appealing. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

    • When I was working and living in Buffalo and slogging around, trying to get things done, I rarely saw the beauty in winter either. Winter can be so darned inconvenient !

  9. The scenery where you live is stunning! I love the way winter can be atmospheric, with fog, snow, and ice and you certainly seem to experience a lot of that on the lake. These photos are lovely xx

    • Thanks, Jess. The combination of the lake and the nearby mountains really does create some dramatic moments. There are many dreary days but, sometimes, we get stunning ones, too!

    • That perfect moment has passed, of course, and now everything is gray and dingy–remarkably little snow this year. Now, watch, we’ll get walloped because i said that!

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