It’s Time to Change Partners



I’ve been dancing with one partner too long.

My partner is suave and smooth but rather too insistent and demanding of my attention. He always wants to dance fast, and never to take a break, to sit one out. He has monopolized my time and kept me from others I care for.

As of right now, my dance card is open. I’ve told chocolate to take a seat; I’m going to dance with other partners.

I’m going to dance with vintage linens and selling on Etsy. That dance—the ironing and photographing and listing of beautiful things—is soothing and reliable. It’s a slow dance, my partner is a bit of a plodder, but, with him, there will be no drama, just a warm and mellow twirl around the dance floor. That sounds good right now.

I’m going to dance with quilting, my old, old friend. When we dance, I feel confident and skilled. We’ve danced together so long, it’s a pleasure to return to this partner. He knows my family, has danced with my foremothers. Dancing with him makes me feel nostalgic and at peace. That sounds good right now.

I’m going to dance with blogging. I know myself well enough to see that I’m happiest when he gets a regular dance. I feel energized and creative after each and every dance and, because he’s very social, I get to spend time with old friends and meet new ones when he’s my partner. That sounds good right now.

I’m going to dance with weaving. He’s not an easy partner but he’s very intriguing. I’ve been flirting with him for a while now, and have found him complicated and mysterious. He makes me stretch and learn new steps—I’m never bored with him. That sounds good right now.

And I’m going to save some spots for partners I haven’t met yet, just in case. That sounds good right now.

I know chocolate will be back. In fact, he asked me save the Valentine’s Day dance for him! I’m sure he’ll stop by before then, tap my current partner on the shoulder, and cut in briefly. There’s no doubt I’ll always be happy to see the smooth, old romantic and dance the quickstep again with him.

But at the moment, I’m footloose and free. I will follow Milton’s urging:

Come, and trip it as ye go,

On the light fantastick toe.

I will dance with many partners. That sounds very, very good right now.

50 thoughts on “It’s Time to Change Partners

  1. Be forewarned…..chocolate is a very insistent partner and doesn’t like to be ignored!!! Trust me, I know many of his relatives!!!!!!LOL!!!!! sigh……………………………..

  2. Wonderful post, Kerry. Speaking of Etsy, I just received a lovely gift from there and have downloaded the app so that I can finally get with it a little. Can you believe I am such a Luddite that I’ve never explored Etsy? Wow. And I’m glad that you are going to give your blogging “partner” a little twirl around the dance floor.

    • I think you’re going to enjoy Etsy! There’s a fair amount of junk on there but also some exquisite handmade and vintage items. I like that you can find something unusual no matter what your taste is.

  3. Lovely blog! The last of my lovely busy children leaves tomorrow , I think then the recliner and I are going to reacquaint ,need to rub some sore feet ,before I start to dance with normal! :))

    • That’s so true! I’m not very good at resting so switching gears makes more sense. Although, as I sleyed a reed yesterday, I felt a little nostalgic for the familiarity of chocolate!

  4. Hooray for surviving another crazy season! It’s so nice knowing that life gets to slow down a bit and you get to revisit other hobbies. I’m really excited for Jan. 1 when I know the hectic pace at my job will finally slow and I can stop panicking about duck legs and foie gras and maybe get some other projects done. I’m also looking forward to spending more time on WordPress — the holidays made it rough to post or read as much as I like to, excited to catch up with some old friends of my own. 😉

  5. Love that you’re having so much fun dancing with so many partners! So wise to know to give some a break from time to time. Gotta keep it fresh 🙂

    • One of the best things about working with chocolate is the fact that I can’t do it when the weather gets too warm. So I have a natural break from about May to October. Every May, I am so sick of it all but then, when fall rolls around, I’m back to enjoying it again!

  6. Ha, it seems you have survived the busy chocolate season ( I did not doubt you would;0)) In my mind, I see you happily dancing through the house from loom, to linen closet, to computer and back again. Looking forward to your new posts..enjoy! xo, Johanna

    • I did survive chocolate season (yay!) and some people are now buying chocolate gifts for themselves, it seems. So I still dance into the kitchen but have time for all those other partners, too!

  7. You are so creative, and your writing is lovely.
    So … I assume you sold all of your incredible chocolates.
    Enjoy your new dance partners 🙂

    • I sold over $5000 worth of chocolate in the last two months. Can you believe that?! Of course if I stopped to figure out profit, etc., I’d probably learn that I earned 12 cents an hour. Ugh. Thanks for saying such nice things about my writing–this post was lots of fun to write!

  8. Ah love this crazy dancing! Good to mix it up. I guess it’s true too much of a good thing does’t last! I too feel the urge to mix it up, perhaps with the new year right around the corner it’s motivating us. I look forward to seeing where your new dance partner takes you!

    • I do think the new year shakes things up and makes me re-consider so much. It’s sort of a big cliche but I feel like I have so many options right now! Here’s to a new year of mixing it up, as you say!

  9. I love this post (and the photo–I’ve never seen anything quite like it)! The analogies are wonderful–and perfect food for thought as the new year (and a new blog for me) approaches.

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