29 thoughts on “Otherwise Occupied . . .

  1. Ooho, you have exchanged the severe winter weather for a spell of warm sunshine in Florida!!! Ha, just like the glamour girl in the fabulous poster, I can picture you tanning in your swimming gear ( does your favorite store LL Bean carry them?) sipping cocktails on the beach. If you hear some distance howling..that is Charley begging for your return. Just ignore it and enjoy your Florida sunshine!!! xo Johanna

    • You can tell sweet Charley that she can relax–I’m home now. And, lordy, is it cold here! The trip was delightful, as I’m sure you can imagine. More photos soon, I think!

    • It was amazing! Weren’t you going to Florida, too? I thought of you as I collected shells and tried to arrange them in aesthetic ways . . .and failed. You make it look so easy!

      • Absolutely. This past week we had sunny days in mid 70’s, thick fog then cold front/rain lows in 30’s and some just west of us in central Texas had snow! Now it’s sunny and mild again!! The saying here is that if you don’t like the weather just wait a day…lol.

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