Just Another Blogger . . .

IMG_0008_2Just another set of photos, from just another winter-weary blogger.

35 thoughts on “Just Another Blogger . . .

  1. I KNOW, I KNOW having been brought up in northern NH but I miss it…….and have lived in Manitoba with -40 so I’m not just being…whatever πŸ™‚

  2. You know how I feel about winter in general but this year the cold is the worst I can remember. The days are getting longer and Spring is getting closer and yet that bone chilling cold seeps in through the windows and doors. The snow and ice outdoors are firmly frozen in place and the snow that has been raked off the roof surrounds the house in a ridge higher than the window sills.

    • The cold is stunning–today was our first day above 32 degrees since 1/25! I think you have quite a lot more snow than we do–it’s hit downstate worse than upstate this year! Hang in there!

    • No! No, I will not! And I don’t think they’re pretty–I just think they are dreary and cold-looking! But, if seeing a white winter makes you happy, then I’m willing to put up with it . . . πŸ˜‰

  3. It must be so hard! But on the plus side, it seems that enduring this ensures you anticipate spring and enjoy spring so wholeheartedly! We don’t get the extremes of the seasons here like you do – there are pros and there are cons ! Stay warm, keep weaving, it won’t be long now. I got up at 6.30 and had to put a light on this morning – the season is moving on ……..

  4. I’m soon off to shovel the car out! Again. Your pictures are so beautiful, but I wouldn’t want to experience that negative temperature. It’s been so cold here, that I wore all my heavy wool socks during the course of the week! Talk about needing to do laundry! Temps here in the upper 30’s today and the birds are singing! Yes, spring is around the corner. Well, 3 weeks, give or take…

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