Will this relationship be the one?

I’ve been here before. I’ve been happily paired with another (more than one other, if you must know my whole sordid history).

I’ve been hopeful that this time, this relationship, would be the one for which I could forsake all others.

I’ve thought that, at last, I could commit to monogamy.

It’s happened before, when I’ve felt fulfilled and fascinated by everything about my partner. I’ve been in this place, where all my waking moments are focused on the relationship, on making plans for the future and learning more.

I’ve been infatuated before.

It tends not to last. I’m fickle that way. My eye will start wandering.

I don’t think I’m meant to be a one-craft woman . . . but, for now, I’ve found the passion.

shuttle and book


38 thoughts on “Monogamy?

  1. Heh! I’m definitely not a one-craft kinda gal, but whatever rocks your boat 😛 I guess it might mean that you don’t have any jealousy when something else feels like you’ve abandoned them… as long as you’re having fun!

  2. It seems I have found my “life partner” with my SS! Sigh…….I’m settled in and lovin’ it!!!! And, yes, we have our ‘moments’ (but all relationships do, right??) but the challenges are opportunities for growth so it’s all good!!!!!!!

      • Yes, I remember that song. I think focusing too much time on one thing can lead to burnout. For me, I feel like different creative activities feed each other. Of course, not every love is equal 🙂

    • Oh, Susan–if you could see all the accumulated equipment from former craft obsessions, you’d know that simply buying looms means nothing! But I do hope this relationship lasts . . .

    • Laughing is good!! I agree, though–every time I start something new, I feel like I’m expanding my options and the new information complements what I’ve learned in other areas.

  3. It’s wild women like you that leave many a broken heart stranded in the craft stores. Lonely partners in the aisles who, every day, look out for your arrival. But you never show … because you can commit to only one love at a time.

    Shame on you … you …

  4. A one craft gal? No…not me: knitting for yoga, crochet for fast and portable, embroidery for dainty, patient moods, and oh well…so much more. Too many beautiful and interesting things to do, to make, to discover….go for it girl! Great Post!

  5. Ha! I wasn’t sure what you were talking about at first…! I don’t think I could just do one craft. When I’m out on a lake, I like to take my sketch book with me and do some watercolor. I’m not very good, but it’s so relaxing. When I go hiking or to the beach, I take my camera. When I’m home, I sew or quilt, … I think it would create more stress (instead of less) if I had to choose just one of those crafts. 🙂

  6. Some craftsperson has to be monogamous or the creative world would be a flurry of partner changing infidelities and nothing would get done! Personally, and I feel a slight tingle of embarrassment admitting this, I am not only polygamous, I am downright promiscuous! Currently I am flirting with Tunisian crochet, crochet and even a pair of knitting needles. My last mixed media work lies forlorn and abandoned on the work bench while my fingers ply away at making beaded sun catchers ……. bookmarks and Organisers sit waiting to be finished …… but an exciting new mixed media lesson from one of my favourite artists has just arrived down the email tube ………..

    • Flirts! That’s what we are! Although sometimes we get one stage beyond flirting, to something deeper . . . at least for awhile! The only thing about all this that bugs me is wondering about missing out on a degree of expertise that I will never achieve because I haven’t focused on one set of skills in the long term.

      • Indeed, I used to feel that deeply Kerry referring to myself as a dilettante – you know ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’. And although I continue to experience that nothing I make reaches the depth of expertise that those who stick with it achieve, I’ve come to see that life is so short – let’s just be happy doing whatever has taken our fancy to the best of our ability today ……. Besides, I love learning new skills! ❤ ❤ ❤

  7. HO HO, and down the slippery slope we go!! All I can say is have fun…I am Down to 5 looms (3 floor) and Down to 4 spinning wheels…and then there is the sewing/knitting/baking/quilting and all I can say is……..I NEED STAFF :0 Enjoy the weaving!

  8. oh my, wishing you a long and creative life together. on the other hand you could get acquainted with another member of the family and create your own yarn (it would fill those long winter evenings) and just think of the spinning wheels you could collect

    • I already went through a fling with spinning, back when I was in grad school! Had a little Ashford wheel, bought a fleece right off a black sheep, the whole business. Spinning and I were not a match made in heaven . . .

  9. a childhood friend whose parents were professional weavers, eventually took it up herself. I was sad to hear she closed down the business a few years ago. Perhaps you will stick with it, having discovered it later in life.

  10. Oh…go on and cheat, we all do when it comes…to…crafts. I for one am totally fickle, this is it for now and ever more until that catches my eye and I jump all consuming on the next things. Some times I’m a two or three timer, oh whatever…it’s fun and I try not to hurt anyone’s feelings. But oddly or not I go back to my core craft and find such good satisfaction.

    • Okay, if you say it’s okay to cheat, I’ll cheat! It’s interesting to hear you talk about your core craft, though (watercolors?)–I am unable to name one that is central. Most have something to do with textiles/fibers but not all. Hmmm . . . one more thing to ponder.

    • Oh, the chocolate-making continues–it’s been a pretty steady couple of months. Pretty soon, the weather will warm up, though, and I’ll have to put the chocolate away for the summer months! More time for weaving!

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