Rapunzel Reinvented

Rapunzel’s long, beautiful braid . . .


has been transformed into several yards of fabric.

I will tell you more about the pattern sampler and six dishtowels that appeared, as if by magic, from the braid, but I can’t resist sharing a peek with you now!

42 thoughts on “Rapunzel Reinvented

  1. I was actually multi tasking here, with projects from all different nature, a garden calling out for some clean up now the snow melts and a dog-with-attitude who wants a walk…but I stopped in my tracks when I saw your post ‘rolling in’….sigh, what a good moment to just stop and indulge! Cannot wait to see and hear more about it. Razpunzel rocks! xo Johanna

      • Well…strange as it may sound, but I really feel very American, must be because I feel so at ease and at home! And despite my own-stumbling-over-English-as-my-second-language on a daily base, I love the special creativeness with words/ language in Anglo-American English…does that make sense at all????

  2. Magic and your crafty hands together give us these wonderful towels. Are you using linen. cotton, or not willing to give away your secrets?

    • I have no secrets from you! πŸ˜‰ The thread is actually a mix of cotton and linen called “cottolin” (which my spellcheck wants to change to cotillion!) I like this mix a lot–it’s beefy and absorbent and easy to weave with.

  3. My hands are simply twitching! They long to touch and stroke and turn – to feel the texture, the weight, the fabric. My nose wants to smell the new-fabric smell and my eyes want to follow the track of a single thread …… Beautiful, beautiful work Kerry. I should like to be your first customer πŸ™‚

    • I wonder if I’ll ever decide to sell any of this. Probably, but it’s sort of a scary prospect! I do have to say that touching the woven product, the actual fabric, is very appealing. Thread just seems so insubstantial but, then, the fabric is quite heavy and lush–fascinating!

    • You’re so sweet! When I do roll out “the goods,” as a way to post when I’m otherwise engaged and can’t do more substantive posts, you’ll see so much of these you’ll say, “enough already”!

    • It is! The sampler was so interesting to do and then to be able to change the tie-up and get even more patterns. I learned quite a lot from the whole undertaking, and that’s really my goal at this stage.

    • I AM having a great time, Jean–right now structure and pattern seems to intrigue me more than color, although it certainly was fun to put those bands of color in there.

    • Thanks, Jen! I always said I would NEVER take up weaving–I just didn’t need one more creative outlet. But then I took a course with my husband and, boom, I was hooked!

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