A Week’s Worth of Handwovens from One Wonderful Warp: 1

IMG_4120Other elements of my life are infringing on my blog life this week. Instead of my usual very deep, incredibly insightful, humility-laden, and overly wordy posts, I am going to show you some glamour shots of the woven result of the long warp I’ve been thinking of as Rapunzel’s braid. Background: The warp threads were 7.5 yards longs (a little less than 7 meters). They were mostly unbleached Cottolin, a mix of cotton and linen, with a few threads of dark blue to make vertical stripes. The project started as a pattern sampler that creates a grid of four patterns across and thirteen patterns from top to bottom. By a combination of the way the loom is threaded and the ways the treadles are pushed, I could get many different patterns in one piece of fabric. For reasons I can’t explain, that makes me ever so happy. For anyone REALLY interested, I got the pattern for this Rosepath Sampler from pages 16 and 17 in Marguerite Davison’s A Handweaver’s Pattern Book. Once I was done the sampler portion of the project, I had enough warp left to make six dishtowels. I love dishtowels! I used a different treadling pattern on each one and played around with some different colors. I’ll show a towel each day this week. On the seventh day, we won’t rest—I’ll show you the sampler, which turned out well enough to make me begin to feel like a real weaver! I have lots of evidence of how kind and supportive you are, so don’t feel the need to comment every day on every towel! Day One—The Classic IMG_4012I have a thing for blue and white, another preference I can’t explain. In fact, I saw an ad for a weaving workshop and the pitch was to “get beyond blue and red in your weaving.” I was offended! What could be better than blue and red?! The first of the six towels I made simply had simple dark blue bands against the simple unbleached Cottolin warp. I simply love it. IMG_4010IMG_4094

37 thoughts on “A Week’s Worth of Handwovens from One Wonderful Warp: 1

  1. Love these! They are beautiful! Can’t wait to see your sampler, thank you for sharing your lovely work. As a spinner and a knitter, weaving is an area of textile work I know very little about. I do love the idea of making cloth, and when I see your work it’s enough to inspire me to consider learning the skill. But, I think my plate is full. I’ll have to look on from a distance and admire the work of others! very nice work!

    • I can tell your plate is very full! But I always said I wouldn’t start weaving, too, for similar reasons–so busy, so many other crafts, etc. I have to tell you, I never expected to love it so! You might want to give it a try. 😉

  2. Gorgeous! I especially like the blue, yellow and white. I always wanted to have a dining room with yellow walls and blue and white transferware in the cupboards. But the brown and white transferware won over.

    • Thanks, Susan! I can see why you love the brown transferware! I have to admit my house has very little in it, in terms of the colors in these towels–I’m just playing at this stage.

  3. Oh, these would make drying dishes a pleasure. They’re all beautiful. My eye ran to the two where you added a little stripe of yellow and pink in each. As for blue, well, I can’t think what the workshop leader was thinking. Can’t wait to see each towel on its appointed day!

    • I was surprised how much I liked the yellow and pink when I added them. I am over-conservative about color and really need to give myself a pep talk–it affects my wardrobe, my home decor, everything!

      • Some color conservatism comes from being able to mix and match, I think. Now that I have so much color in my home, I can always change by emphasizing one color over others when I want to change. That said, you’re doing the right thing–starting with a few splashes that please you!

  4. I love using the thin dark blue stripe on the selvedge too! That gives it a nice frame. Why have I never thought of that before!!! I will remember it next time I weave towels.

      • Kneel, Kerry(thou mayest think thou art too old to kneel, but all weavers will kneel sooner or later for to fetch an errant shuttle that blockest a treadle from sinking properly). By the authority vested in me by my 40 years of weaving experience, I now smite thee lightly upon thy shoulder with my golden shuttle, and pronounce thee Lady Kerry of the Splendid Warp. 🙂

  5. Oh gosh darnit Kerry – I am going to spend every morning with my coffee drooling over your towels! I need a touchie-feelie app STAT!! I have to run my fingers through the scrunched up towel – I HAVE to!

    • Oh, I know you were too busy packing and giving last minute cat and dog hugs to spend much time on reading blogs! But thanks so much for your enthusiastic support!

  6. Oh my, the memories these gorgeous towels evoke. I wove towel yardage similar to this well over 30 years ago, and placemats, blankets, etc. etc. You will have such fun when you tackle your first coverlet. Marguerite Davison’s book was my handweaving bible – best reference ever! Looking forward to seeing all of these towels up close! Not to mention your sampler.

    • It’s so neat to know that you made similar towels! I love the idea of them being functional AND pretty. And, yes–Davison and Deborah Chandler–the two weaving authors who have saved me!

    • That’s so nice of you, to reassure me about my wordiness! Doesn’t it seem that lots of readers prefer short, photo-heavy blog posts? I need to stop caring and, as you say, be who I am!

  7. These are beautiful Kerry. Absolutely perfect…and blue! I am so impressed with what you have created, perfection! I hope you feel super proud of these because they are amazing!

    • Thanks so much! What I feel, more than pride, is amazement that it’s possible to weave really decent stuff when I’ve been at it such a short time. It’s very reinforcing, as are the comments you all make!

  8. This is so beautiful!!! Love the intriguing design in the last one in particular. Somehow, your towels have the same atmosphere as a good knitted sock, there is something soothing for soul in it…does that make any sense?? Have a great Sunday dear Kerry xo Johanna

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