An Interlude, Sunny and Warm

I am counting myself so fortunate.

To be able to get from this:


Waves of snow on the frozen lake

to this:


Waves of blue

with a three-hour flight.

To visit a spot where the blue of the cocktails echoes the blue of sea and sky.

IMG_4158 - Version 2

Margarita, the color of the sea


Sea, the color of a Margarita

To visit a spot where the wildlife is exotic.


IMG_4248IMG_4261    IMG_4280 IMG_4271 IMG_4204IMG_2445

And to visit a spot where the heat of the sun is exceeded only by the warmth of gathering with family.

I’m back home now, to snow flurries, the frozen lake, and a huge backlog of chores. But the warm and sunny interlude will carry me over. Here’s to hoping that you have sun and warmth in your heart this week!

37 thoughts on “An Interlude, Sunny and Warm

    • Gulf coast of Florida–it’s tough to beat! There were way too many people there–all trying to escape the cold, just like we were–but the beaches are big so it was easy to get away.

    • The dolphins were amazing–the area is Pine Island Sound and there are something like 800 dolphins in those waters. They swim right up to the side of the boats and look for attention!

    • I’m glad you got a chance for your own interlude–I need to get back to reading your blog and see what you’ve been up to. And I need to remind my husband that he knows how to make those Windex-blue margaritas so I can try a taste of Florida at home!

    • The weather is NOT warm here–it was 16 degrees this morning. Will spring ever come?! That blue (doesn’t it make you think of Windex?) comes from blue Curacao–yummy!

  1. What a beautiful place!! Those pictures are wonderful… the colors! I can almost smell the salty air. I’ve got to get to the ocean soon! Sometimes I feel like Heidi… I need to get outdoors and hike in the mountains, or sit by the seashore and feel the breeze on my face. Sigh…

    • That’s funny! When I lived in Pennsylvania I was always saying I felt like Heidi and wanted to get back to my Adirondacks! And, yes, find a way to get yourself to the ocean–it seems restorative to me!

  2. I am so pleased to hear that you were able to escape from what must feel like never ending Winter. Each time I see a photo of the extreme conditions where you live, I am totally in awe of the steely grit which you must be made of to be able to get by.
    Here in England I have totally run out of patience with cold winds, cold house and woolly tights. But I have a plan, which is that I have taken to wearing a winter dress but with a ditsy flowery dress on top. But as they say over here, ‘ne’r cast a clout till May is out’. So I will be layering up my clothing for a while yet!

    • No steely grit–just like everything else, we adapt and it doesn’t seem like big a deal, until it’s April and supposed to snow 2-3 inches on Saturday! Grrr. I’m going to follow your lead and find something bright and pretty to put on, as an extra layer!

  3. We had a similar experience last week – it was wonderful! Not quite frozen lakes but rain and gales in England to sunshine and warmth in northern Spain. Like you say above though, feels like it was a lifetime ago and not last week for us too.

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