A Gift of Fun and Whimsy


I received a wonderful gift this week!

I am one of those people who “never wins anything” but I recently won a giveaway from one of my favorite bloggers. Yay me!

Johanna, from Mrs. Walker’s Art and Illustrations, makes beautiful, whimsical things. She creates tiny dioramas, she draws magical creatures, she knits, she lives a life of mindfulness and joy, and writes a lovely blog about that life.

All of her work is light-hearted and colorful and a little off-center in a way I admire; I envy her talent enormously!

She knitted these adorable egg warmers and offered them to be given away in a random drawing. (Look! Her blog photos are exceptional too!)


And Charley, the Cutest Dog in the World, chose my name from the pile of entries in the drawing. I do love you, Charley!

Johanna took this photo of Charley!

Johanna took this photo of Charley!

When I learned I had won, I panicked a little—I don’t really like soft-boiled eggs! What was I going to do with the egg warmers? I promised Johanna I would come up with a use for them.

The egg warmers came in the mail yesterday, along with the original, signed work of art shown at the top the post—when Johanna becomes a well-known artist I will have proof I knew her when!

Johanna says that she has lots of egg warmers because she just loves soft-boiled eggs. That got me thinking about the things I love.

I thought they could be paw warmers for a cat, but I doubted Charley would approve.

You know I love chocolate.


And, of course, I love maple syrup.


Oh, and I love weaving!


And I quite like adult beverages. (Johanna, I included the genever for you—I got it in your homeland when I visited!)


So many possibilities! The egg warmers have already provided me with a great deal of fun and brightened my snowy Easter weekend!

Do you have any other ideas for how I can use my sweet gift? Let me know, and have a wonderful weekend!

35 thoughts on “A Gift of Fun and Whimsy

    • Apparently the Dutch know! Johanna is from the Netherlands and the pattern came from a Dutch magazine. If you haven’t “met” Johanna, you’d like her blog a lot, I think!

    • I did score! I lied when I said I’d never won anything before–I won a Palm Pilot back when they were introduced. Remember Palm Pilots? Johanna’s prize was infinitely better!

  1. Johanna is a woman of many talents! I think the hats would look great on some antique dolls or stuffed animals or maybe even your pet rock collection (you do have a pet rock collection, don’t you?). Hats off to Charley for doing a marvelous job!

    Happy Easter, Kerry! We had rain here, no snow. But still have piles of the old snow!

    • Did you see that the genius behind the pet rocks just died? The world is a more boring place without him! I hope you’re having a nice (snow-free) Easter–we got even more snow overnight but I think it’ll melt soon . . .

  2. Dear Kerry, I am still stammering, speechles and earsflapping with joy here!!!!! All the Walker men are present and laughed out loud at the notion of cats in eggwarmers…Charley was outside in the garden ;0) I love,love, love the photos, I never knew how usefull eggwarmers are.Thank you so much, my dear friend from Upstate New York (!) Hugs andhappy Easter to you, Johanna

    ps About that Genever, my grandfather ate very morning for breakfast srambled eggs with a shot genever mixed in it and lots of pepper. He claimed it releived hi asthma and made grow old ingood health…he became 94. Now I must say, I had aunt who never had this breakfast and became 102 ans 104 ;0)

  3. Priceless! very clever indeed and as for the Genever, my father (who NEVER drank) melted Spruce gum and added it to the De Kyper’s gin as a remedy to CURE colds and I tell you what, he would go to bed and sweat it out and that would be the end of it. I still have some of the ‘gum’ from the woods of NH. Don’t know if this was a French CA remedy and Indian remedy or what. He also used an Indian remedy of boiling up alder bark and drinking it for upset stomachs/ulcers.
    You have NEVER tasted anything so bitter in all your life but they claimed it worked.

    • Wow–what a great story! I wonder how many of our Yankee ancestors who NEVER drank found a little comfort in the “medicine”! Have you tried both these remedies?

  4. Congrats on your big win! I love how you found many different uses for those egg warmers, and how multi functional they happen to be 🙂 Hope you’re having a wonderful Easter!

    • I spent a great deal of one day amusing myself with that! Hope you’ve had a nice Easter, too! By the way, have you had Genever? I got the bottle in the Netherlands!

      • Never tasted it, I think it is very strong, I’m more fond of the sweeter drinks, like Amaretto, although I do like a fruit beer on a warm summer day 🙂

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