Tired of Weaving?


Not me–you! Are you sickΒ of hearing about weaving yet? Gosh, I hope not! I hope you can maintain at least a passing interest as long as I stay obsessed!

For this scarf I recently finished, I went against my nature and chose a bright variegated yarn for the lengthwise, or warp, threads; it’s made of rayon. The weft, or threads that form the width of the scarf, is black and a blend of silk and wool. The combination made a soft fabric with a lovely drape.

The pattern is an undulating twill, not hard to do at all!


46 thoughts on “Tired of Weaving?

    • No purple!! I went against my nature by doing bright but I couldn’t go so far as purple! I found it very difficult to get photos that were true to these colors . . . no purple!

    • Guess what–there’s no purple at all! This scarf was very difficult to take photos of–the colors didn’t translate well. It’s all blue and aqua and teal and green and black.

    • Pesky camera! This scarf was fun to do but using variegated thread almost felt like cheating–it gives the impression that the something complicated was going on when, really, it was so straightforward!

  1. That is very beautiful! It looks nice and soft. I do not think I could ever get tired of looking at weaving πŸ™‚

  2. Whoop-Whoop!! Happy dance going on here! Stunning colours [I don’t see any purple] and I can just feel the texture running through my fingers! It looks pretty perfect to me πŸ™‚ I love bright colours and am always challenged when I have to work in softer hues or monochromatic schemes. But it’s good to step outside our comfort zone yes? Inside you there’s a bright colour weaver hiding away πŸ™‚

    • I was so sure you’d like this one, Pauline!! I have to admit it was uplifting to weave–the richness of the colors was exciting. I still love my soft and faded colors, though . . .

  3. Kerry- that is beautiful! There is something so ordered and soothing about looking at that pattern. And I really like the colour and your choice of threads. I have been away from my blog and from checking posts for a while due to acting as a builders ‘mate’ for the work I am having done to the house. It is a very pleasant change to look at woven fabric rather than sandpaper, paint and dust!

    • What an exciting, but disruptive, time for you! I wondered where you’d been and hoping all was well. I’m happy my bright scarf gave you a little distraction!

  4. Hi Kerry! It’s been so long since I’ve visited, yet of course when I do, I see your beautiful weaving and oh so lovely photography!
    Truly gorgeous!

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