A Tale of Two Bostons

Spring 2015. It was a tale of two Bostons, and both were the best of times for us.

The country mice returned to the big city last weekend, for a taste of all it has to offer. We experienced the serene and beautiful Boston, in the museums and the parks.

And we experienced the transcendent Boston, full of inspiration and joy, in watching the running of the Boston Marathon.

Two years ago, the Boston and its marathon experienced the worst of times. The city was devastated by a bombing and its aftermath that killed four and injured hundreds, many gravely.

Now, and probably always, the Boston Marathon is much more than a race of 26.2 miles. It’s a statement—by the runners, the spectators, the merchants, the city—that Boston is stronger than hate and fear and violence.

In addition to being inspired by the thousands of runners of all ages and abilities, we had the special fun of watching a friend run her first Boston marathon to fulfill a longtime dream. She achieved a personal best time in the race, as did her training partner!



A busy weekend, a full weekend, an inspirational weekend, and, above all, a joyous weekend. The best of times . . .

28 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Bostons

    • I spent a lot of time during the race feeling that way. The next day we sat in a restaurant and talked to a blind man who had completed the marathon–so many terrific stories.

  1. Boston is one of my favorite cities! I went to college there. It’s a dream locale for a student – so many colleges and people your age to play with. The college I went to was walking distance to the Isabella Stewart Museum, in fact. When we moved back to MA some years later,(about 30 minutes away from the city) I was worried that it might not be as wonderful as I remembered, but it was. And all of New England is a treasure! Some Saturdays we’d wake up and say “Let’s head to LL Bean!” and we did! I am enjoying exploring South Carolina and learning about all that the South offers, but my heart is in Boston. Glad you had such a *perfect* trip.

    • My husband and I were just talking about how fun it would’ve been to go to college there! Did you go to Simmons? We noticed it, right next to the Gardner. I like the history in Boston. I’ve read quite a bit about the Revolution and love the idea of walking the same streets. Have you heard about the time capsule they dug up from the State House? The contents were on display at the MFA, before they’re re-buried–so cool to see that stuff!

      • I went to Wheelock which is a bit further down the street. In the Dark Ages, Simmons and Wheelock shared a lot of class’s because they were both so small. Boston is such a comfortably sized walk-about city. Peter was in college in PA so I was at loose ends most weekends and would walk downtown or to Cambridge where there was a Fabulous craft store. It seems so old and in the Fanuiel Hall area, so British. Again, glad you enjoyed yourselves!

    • I agree that the Boston marathon is different than “just another marathon” now–and so many happy stories. One woman who lost a leg in the bombing ran the last 3 miles of the race! Your race must be soon?

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