American Dishtowel Club Show: The Finals!

Welcome back to the American Dishtowel Club (ADC) show and the much-anticipated final selection of Best of Show!

With your thoughtful and generous input we’ve applied conformation standards to three groups of dishtowels.

The voting was very tight, reflecting the high-caliber of entrants in the show, as well as discernment of the voting public.

Nonetheless, the people have spoken and we have arrived at the three finalists for Best of Show in the competitive world of dishtowels. These are: the Flour Sack Towel, the 1950s Towel, and the Fringed Display Towel.

Please review the finalists carefully and vote, in the comments section, for your choice of “best of show” dishtowel!

Working Class Winner/ Best of Breed

Flour Sack Towels

Affectionate, playful and vivacious into old age, water lover

Guidelines: The flour or feed sack towel is designed as a towel to do a specific job—drying dishes. Despite its humble origins and surface appearance of fragility, these towels are perfect for their job. They display great thirst, are long-lived, and, as one would expect of a water towel, they dry quickly. There are few absolute characteristics to be applied to this group, although they are often so beloved by their families that they are decorated lavishly.

Sporting Class Winner/ Best of Breed

1950s Towels

Happy, eager, and charming

Guidelines: It is common for dishtowels to reflect societal preferences and trends. This can be seen nowhere more clearly than in the 1950s-era towel. Towels of this breed are resolutely upbeat and sociable. Members of the group often have a pink and aqua coloration, although they may display other bright tones, and stylized graphics. Potential owners should know that towels of this group are enthusiastic to a fault; they will not behave in a subtle manner or remain quiet, no matter how well trained.

Non-working/Non-sporting class Winner/ Best of Breed

Fringed Display Towels

Serious-minded, dignified, bright, and aloof

Guidelines: If ever a towel was designed for the show ring, the Fringed Display Towel fits the bill. Physically commanding and of large build, these towels are arresting in appearance. They are prized for their genetic make-up—only the highest quality linen is found in these towels. The towels are expensive to own and maintain, and owners are proud to display these towels for others to envy and admire. The towels are haughty and can appear untouchable; however, anyone who appreciates sheer physical perfection and breeding will be entranced.

Now that you have reviewed the best of breed finalists, we encourage you to vote for your favorite; as you vote, please keep in mind that you are voting not for a specific towel but the category of dishtowel you feel exemplifies best of show. Voting is open for one week. Results will be announced at the end of voting. Don’t delay in making your voice heard!

53 thoughts on “American Dishtowel Club Show: The Finals!

  1. I am jumping up and down with excitement! I love the 1950’s towel so much that I have a severe attack of towel envy! They get my vote because how could anyone be anything other than happy drying dishes with those ! Oh, I want to buy them!

  2. 19502 have my vote…I remember fondly helping my mother and grandmother dry dishes with these towels. Serviceable and attractive, filled with memories!

    • I think a lot of these old dishtowels spark nostalgic memories for people! I can’t, for the life of me, remember what we used on the farm when I was a kid.

  3. Fringed display towels: a really class act I think, destined to be the heirlooms of the discerning family. The other two categories merit some accolade. But not Best in Show.

    • The fact that some of these towels have made it, intact, into the 21st century amazes me. Just one trip through a washing machine or dryer would be the end of them!

  4. I voted for all these towels I believe in the semi’s so have a real conundrum on my hands! I love the elegance and sophistication of the fringed babies – but as I am neither elegant or sophisticated they are of no use to me……….. Recently I was gifted my first flour sack towel and have used it for the first time and fallen in love with it’s unbelievable ability to soak up water and leave articles dry and sparkly – who knew! And of course the idea that one can decorate them oneself and recycle the fabric too just takes the cake!

    Flour sack towels all the way for me! ❤

  5. Oh, I love them all. But I’m always partial to those which tell you what to do each day. When I visited home this weekend, my mother had a new (old) “Saturday is for baking” towel (not sure if actually from a flour sack). Though, if you’d had 1940s instead of 1950s as an option, I’d probably have to have gone for that (my weakness).

    • SO many of the flour sack towels are day-of-the-week towels or the ones that say “china,” “glass,” “silver.” Gotta love a towel that tells you what to do!

  6. Flour sack towels! They soak up water (just what towels are supposed to do!) and are adorable at the same time. Love them.

  7. I vote for the fringed display towel even though they probably weren’t used it was added elegance to even simple surroundings. The lace and/or deer motif towel I would be a proud owner of.

  8. Many votes have already been cast but I’m not adding them up. I am torn this time…hmm…uh…I’ll go with the charming 1950s towels even though the floursack is a sentimental favorite.

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