Inaugural Show of the American Dishtowel Club: We Announce the Winner!

Welcome back to the American Dishtowel Club Show! We are so pleased to have you with us, as fans and judges, at this final meeting where we have the pleasure of announcing the winner of “Best of Show.”

But first, to recap the action:

In the tightly-contested showdown among the finalists for Best of Breed, we saw the winners of three categories go head to head.

The winner of the Non-Working/Non-Sporting Group was the Fringed Display Towel, noted for its sheer physical perfection and breeding.

The winner of the Sporting Group was the 1950s Towel, with its exuberant style and sociability.

The winner of the Working Group was the Flour Sack Towel, appreciated for its willingness to work hard while never losing its charm.

Although the judges felt all of the towels exemplified conformation standards for their class, they also argued that one dishtowel breed stood above others and deserved the title “Best of Show.”

And the winner of the Inaugural Show of the American Dishtowel Club is:

The Flour Sack Towel! Let’s give them a huge round of applause!

The Flour Sack Towel was recognized for its appeal to owners and the extent to which it satisfied many needs. For instance, one judge pointed out that the towels are “cute, serviceable, AND repurposed,” alluding to the fact that many of these towels were originally bred from large sacks that held flour or animal feed.

Another judge, with affection for all the breeds in the finals, ultimately cast her vote for the flour sack towel because she had “fallen in love with its unbelievable ability to soak up water and leave articles dry and sparkly.”

Similarly, another judge spoke of the ways the flour sack towel accomplished what other towels in the show did not, “they soak up water (just what towels are supposed to do!) and are adorable at the same time.” These judges value the ability of a towel to the job of a towel.

Evidence strongly suggests that the judges were impressed with the fact that these towels were both practical and handmade. As one judge stated succinctly, “they look most likely to be the love children of loving hands at home.” The folky embroidery featured on many of these towels was a deciding factor for some judges.

The Flour Sack Towels earn the honor of “Best of Show” for their practicality, their hard-working style, their homey charm, and their exuberant personalities, which reflect the interests and abilities of their owners.

We, the organizers of this gathering of exceptional dishtowels, thank the judges for their commitment to the process and to the selection of the best of the best.

All of the towels that participated are winners, providing evidence that there are no bad dishtowels and that dishtowels truly are a human’s best friend.

32 thoughts on “Inaugural Show of the American Dishtowel Club: We Announce the Winner!

  1. Well, a worthy winner. I’m delighted. I didn’t actually vote for the floursack dishtowel, but they were all so wonderful, and I had such difficulty deciding, that as in the forthcoming British elections, I remained a bit of a floating voter. By the way, in the forthcoming British elections, there are no worthy winners. Just least worst. Too depressing. So thank you for this cheerful and positive campaign.

    • Dishtowels can be counted on not to engage in mud-slinging, unlike politicians. We are gearing up, already, for the 2016 presidential race and I feel your pain.

  2. What a worthy winner! Though as you say, all dish towels are best of their breeds! Love reading this post with dish towels as a metaphor for life!! My future towel purchases will be flour sack as I have quite fallen in love with the one I was gifted!

  3. The flour sack towel got my vote. I’m glad to see that others appreciate how adorable they are and at the same time so incredibly useful!

  4. Well, I see while I’ve been away, “things” have been happening. Darn it, I went to a Kentucky Derby party and got a nasty mint julep hangover when I could have been judging dishtowels. Seems so much safer, doesn’t it, Kerry?

    • Oh, but who wants to be safe when mint and bourbon and simple syrup are so yummy! How fun to go to the Derby–I hope we’ll be seeing a post with lots of spectacular hats?

    • Thanks, Lisa! I really had fun writing it. I admit to being glad that the working group won (although my real favorite is the classic stripe towels!)

    • The working group had fervent supporters! Well, I guess the supporters of all group were pretty intense there were just more for the working towels.

  5. I can’t believe it is over, already, what a whirlwind! They were all such good sports and seriously it could have gone a million different ways. It’s nice to see such humbleness from such brilliant contestants, especially in this crazy time we live in! Big applause from this corner.

  6. This blog post is so cute! Haha, I have to say the fact that it’s repurposed is a very good reason for choosing that towel – it’s always nice to be able to give old fabrics a second chance 🙂 The 195s towel is super cute though, I love the illustrations xx

  7. Renew, ReUse, Recycle. A very good win (altho I voted for the Fringed Display Towels). I thoroughly enjoyed this unique competition, and I thank our creative leader for great information and a lot of fun! Gail in CT

  8. What a fun contest! I’m glad the feed sacks won–they bring back many memories of drying while my sister washed. Thanks, Kerry, for organizing and characterizing!

    • So many people had nostalgic memories of the flour sack towels! And they really do dry dishes better than anything else. Thanks for stopping by!

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